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How can I edit a booking on my PMS ?

In case you want to edit a booking in your calendar, log in to your Campsaround account and open PMS.
You click on the booking that needs editing and then click on “Edit Booking”.
You can proceed with all types of changes:

  • You can change the listing to which the booking refers (e.g. from tent to caravan), the duration of the stay by selecting other dates in the calendar, the total price, the number of guests.
  • You can also change the guest details, for example if the guest who made the original booking is not feeling well and transfers the reservation to some friends.

Moreover, you can use this option to update the payment status of the reservation from pending to paid when the guest proceeds with the payment.
Please note that it may take a few seconds for changes to be saved.
The check in – check out dates of the reservation can also be changed by simply dragging it with the cursor and dropping it in the available date-gap (either extend or shrink the duration of the reservation).

Important: If you delete a reservation, you cannot recover it. It is permanently deleted.

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