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How do I add / update prices to my listing?

To set the prices in your listing, log in to your profile https://campsaround.com/my-profile/ and click on “Prices and services” in the left column. Then go to the “Edit Seasonality” button and on the page that appears, name and set the seasons and the corresponding prices.
If your listing is a campsite, the price that you set is per person per night (you also have to enable the button “Price per guest” right below) and on the other hand if your listing is referring to an accommodation or RV park, the price is per night for the maximum number of guests.
After setting the seasons and prices, you can scroll down and find the fields to fill any additional charges (such as cleaning fee), the minimum number of stays, and the maximum number of guests that matches the price you have added earlier (for accommodations only) .You can also enable the direct booking method, so guests can book directly at your place without having to approve their booking request. To see how the instant book works click here.
The “Additional pricing settings” below is an option to select the percentage of the total amount per booking that you want to be paid from the guest online (via our payment link). For example if you select 20%, this means that a guest with a booking of 100 euros should pay 20 euros via our payment link and the remaining amount directly to the campsite/accommodation upon their arrival. Please remember that the 10% per confirmed booking represents the amount of our commission and it is always paid online via the payment link. So, based on the example above, the 10% out of 20% is the amount of our commission and the rest 10% is the amount that we will transfer to your bank account.

At the bottom of the page, you will find the, Block Calendar Dates. In this calendar you select the dates on which you have no availability and/or the dates on which your place is closed. You can add as many as you wish by clicking on the “Add block period” button.

Last but not least, after finishing the process, don’t forget to click save the changes. For the campsites, the process continues in order to set the prices for pitches, children and extra services in general. Click on the button down below to see how.