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How do I enter my listing?

The first step to start the process is to register as “owner” and create an account.
To do that, go to the following link: https://campsaround.com/
and select “Sign in” on the top left and then the option “Register” as an owner.
Fill in the fields and click “Register”.

When your account main page opens go to the “Add listing” option in the left hand bar.
Fill in the title , the description of your listing (you can write it in Greek and Campsaround team will translate it), select cancellation policy, category and click on the features that match your property.

Check on this link how you can describe your accommodation/ RV park in the best way possible.

Just below you are given the option to add maximum number of guests, type of toilet, showers and kitchen (private /shared/ no) and whether pets are allowed. You can also set the check-in and check-out time for your guests to know and your tax details. 

Add photos (at least 4-5) and finally fill in the fields for the address of your accommodation.
In case your listing is an RV park you have to add its coordinates. You can see the steps by clicking here.

Click “Preview” and then on the next page, Submit Listing. To add prices and availability for your property:

1) Click on “Add seasons and pricing”.

2) You name and select in the calendar the seasons you operate and the price for each one. As for the accommodation entries, you set the price per night for the number of people you have already defined. On the other hand, if your listing is a campsite, the price is set per person per night, so you have to activate the “Per guest” option right below. For the RV park entries, you choose which of these two ways works better for you (set the price per guest per night or set the price for each RV per night)

3) Then, you fill in the fields for Additional pricing settings.The “Additional charge” field, which is optional, refers to any additional charge beyond the main total price, for example cleaning costs. You also set the minimum number of stay and maximum number of guests. You can also activate the “Instant Book” option so that the reservations you accept are entered directly and you do not have to confirm or reject them yourself, but they will come to you automatically if there is availability on the selected dates. Learn more about Campsaround’s booking methods.

4) The Deposit drop down menu right below is an option from which you select the percentage of the total amount per booking that you want to be paid from the guest online (via our payment link). For example if you select 20%, this means that a guest with a booking of 100 euros should pay 20 euros via our payment link and the remaining amount directly to the campsite/accommodation upon their arrival. Please remember that the 10% per confirmed booking represents the amount of our commission and it is always paid online via the payment link. So, based on the example above, the 10% out of 20% is the amount of our commission and the rest 10% is the amount that we will transfer to your bank account.

5) Right below you are given the option to block the dates on which you do not accept bookings, you are closed and/or there is no availability by selecting them in the calendar. Keep in mind that if you block certain calendar dates they will appear in the calendar as blocked and guests will not be able to book your accommodation.
Don’t forget to save the changes. 

If you are a campsite owner and need to add prices for pitches, children, electricity etc. or just want to add any additional service with extra charge, click on the “Edit extra services” button that appears.
For more instructions on how to add additional services click the orange button below.

Your listing at this point is in “Pending” status, which means that the Campsaround team will need to check if anything is missing or if there are any changes that need to be made before publishing it. In both cases we will inform you via email.