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glamping trend in europe unique stays

Unique glamping sites across Europe

In the calming waves of the global pandemic, many of us has already started to look for the next getaway to recharge their batteries. Given the restrictions in closed areas, the trend of glamping continues to grow.

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mountain biking climbing paragliding greece

Adventure and Adrenaline Excursions

What do you usually do when you visit a new destination? Do you prefer a quiet and peaceful holiday or are you looking for adventure? Discover 5 activities that will offer you the ultimate adventure and an unforgettable experience.

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camping styles bell tents bungalows caravans

5 + 1 Camping Styles – which one is right for me?

The options for a traveler’s overnight accommodation, as well as camping facilities vary across the country. Most organized campsites in Greece have set up bell tents or safari tents, while others offer rental caravans, bungalows or mobile homes, to name a few.

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equipment for camping

Must-have equipment to go Camping

The sense of freedom that this alternative tourism gives you is priceless, you think while you already feel ready to live new adventures in nature. Believe us, something that seems so simple, it takes organization and a complete guide with the equipment that unties your hands.

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astroevents astroglamping astronomy


The combination of nature and glamping is already familiar to most of us. But did you know that luxury camping can also be combined with the observation of the starry night sky? If you like astronomy or glamping and never thought of combining the two, then this article is for you.

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glamping vs camping

Glamping: The glamorous version of camping

It is a special and completely new way of vacationing in Greece. The glamorous aesthetic with characteristic comfort covers every square of the accommodation that the traveler will choose while giving that close contact with the nature promised by the camp.

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winter destinations greece

Winter in Greece: Unique mountain destinations

Greece may be famous for its blue beaches and bright sun, but Greece in winter can offer unforgettable experiences. Starting the journey from Dimitsana, the lonely Boyani, the imposing Agrapha, continuing in Pertouli and ending further north in Zacharochoria.

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