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3 Reasons to combine Glamping with an Astronomy Experience/Workshop The combination of nature and glamping is already familiar to most of us. But did you

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The Best Organised campings Greece and why to choose them

Must-have equipment to go Camping

2021 and you feel it’s probably time to demolish the anti-camping wall you’ve built for years around you. The sense of freedom that this alternative tourism gives you is priceless, you think while you already feel ready to live new adventures in nature…

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Summer Vacation in Peloponnese (Part 1)

The Peloponnese, not an hour away from Athens, offers many options either for a short excursion or for a multi-day vacation.

Winter or summer has to present all kinds of activities and attractions. Summers, however, are the ones where we have the time and the appetite to explore a new place and discover its beauties…

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Sea available lodgings in Campsaround