Glamping: The new holiday trend

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From the beaches of Qatar to Kenya and from the Nordic countries to the Altiplano of Bolivia (also known as Tibet of America) glamping becomes an equal competitor of 5* hotels, giving a new dimension to the concept of luxury tourism. With high aesthetic colonial furniture, the usually wooden-built accommodations can feature king-size beds, wardrobes, living rooms with comfortable sofas and TV, wooden pools with hot water and hot tub, electricity and WiFi, heating and cooling, bathroom, kitchen as well as a full range of equipment and decorative items, from linen sheets and cotton towels to expensive lamps and porcelain crockery. Glamping, among other accommodations, can welcome you in safari tents, Mongolian yurts philosophy, tree houses and caravans or even in igloo domes, also known as luxury domes.

With this tourist trend having started in Australia and expanded in America at least a decade ago, travellers and accommodation owners are now increasingly geared towards environmentally friendly solutions. For the sake of truth, there has been an increase in the last two years:

  • 700% in nature enclosures
  • 600% in ryokans (Japanese-style inns from the 8th century AD located in picturesque mountain areas or near the sea)
  • 155% in yurt-type accommodation
  • 133% in motorhomes

As long as… strange or distant from the Greek reality and if the holidays in tree houses and yurts seem, what is certain is that Greece also came, giving answer to three big “Why choose them”.

It’s eco-friendly

While the energy and materials used to build and manage a hotel have quite high costs, glamping shelters, in many cases, benefit from elements of nature or are also created from recyclable materials.

You live in nature. Not next to her

How would you like it if for a few days you slipped out of your daily routine and breathed through the woods at first light of day? Where fresh air discreetly enters the lungs and you feel like you’re being born again. Nothing more refreshing, nothing cleaner, nothing healthier.

Adventures are countless

Hiking, mountain biking, rafting, wine tasting and wildlife viewing are just some of the activities you can enjoy in nature, once you’ve worn your mountaineering and equipped yourself with a willingness to explore.


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