Glamping: The New Travel Trend

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Glamping, or ‘glamorous camping,’ has taken the travel world by storm, and redefined the concept of outdoor vacations. This new travel trend has evolved from its humble beginnings in Australia to a global sensation, offering luxury camping holidays that blend comfort with the beauty of nature. In this post, we explore how glamping is shaping the way people experience the outdoors. And once you’re done reading, don’t forget to check out all the new and trendy glamping sites we offer.

A Global Surge in Glamping Popularity

Glamping has seen a remarkable rise as one of the top new travel trends, particularly in nature-focused accommodations. Statistics show a significant increase in nature enclosure bookings, which means a shift towards sustainable yet luxurious travel experiences. The trend extends to unique stays like ryokans and yurts, emphasizing growing taste for alternative vacations.

Glamping: Luxury Camping Holidays

Glamping offers diverse options to fit every taste, and adds to its status as one of the best outdoor vacations. Yurt accommodations have surged by 155%, offering a traditional yet luxurious outdoor experience. Simultaneously, the popularity of motorhomes has increased by 133%, appealing to those seeking the freedom of a road trip without sacrificing comfort.

The Rise of Nature Enclosures: A 700% Increase

One of the most notable trends is the 700% increase in nature enclosures. These unique accommodations allow travelers to immerse themselves in natural beauty while having a minimal impact. Luxury camping holidays in these nature enclosures provide comfort without compromising the environment. They offer an ideal blend of adventure and relax. That makes them one of the top outdoor vacations for eco-conscious travelers.

Ryokans: A Cultural Immersion

The popularity of ryokans, traditional Japanese-style inns, has soared by 600%. These inns, dating back to the 8th century AD, are often situated in stunning mountain areas or near the sea. Ryokans offer culture and combine the beauty of nature with traditional Japanese hospitality. They have become number one choice for travelers who seek a unique and authentic experience.

Yurt Accommodations: Combining Tradition and Glamping

Yurt-type accommodations have seen a 155% increase, blending traditional designs with modern comforts. Originating from Central Asia, yurts offer a charming and sustainable way to experience the outdoors. Their circular shape and natural materials create a cozy and eco friendly living space, ideal for those seeking a different kind of outdoor vacation.

Motorhomes: Glamping + Freedom on Wheels

The motorhome lifestyle has grown by 133%, appealing to those who crave freedom and flexibility. Motorhomes offer the comfort of bringing your home with you, and let you be more spontaneous. This trend aligns with the desire for best outdoor vacations that offer both comfort and adventure.

Wrap Up

The surge in glamping is not just about luxury; it’s a nod to sustainable travel. Glamping strikes a balance between enjoying the nature and lowering your impact on nature, making it a responsible choice for conscious travelers. This aspect of glamping aligns with the ethos of new travel trends, where luxury, sustainability, and adventure meet. So whether you’re seeking a calm retreat in a nature enclosure or an exciting stay in an RV, glamping offers the best of both worlds.


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