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The combination of nature and glamping is already familiar to most of us. But did you know that luxury camping can also be combined with the observation of the starry night sky? If you like astronomy or glamping and never thought of combining the two, then this article is for you.

Below we will unfold 3 reasons why glamping and astronomy go hand in hand and can offer you a magical experience when combined.

Great outdoors

The first (and perhaps the most important) reason is the reduced or even zero light pollution. Light pollution is best described as a condition during which the sky is “illuminated” by the lights of urban areas, which makes it hard to observe the stars. So, observing the night sky with a telescope requires as little light in the surrounding area as possible.

This fact explains why glamping areas in the great outdoors are ideal spots for observing the starry sky through a telescope. If you are an experienced stargazer, you know what a difference it makes to be far from urban territories. The absence of light gives a clear view and makes it easier to spot distant celestial bodies or even comets, which in a town area would be impossible even with a high-end telescope.

astroglamping at night sky. Glamping experience astroevents aith Campsaround.

Unique experience

The second reason is the fact that the combination of the two has become even more accessible. In the past, observing the night sky on an advanced level would require owning a telescope and various professional pieces of equipment. Nowadays however – with the development of astro tourism in Greece – services such as Astroevents are offering you their own equipment for your luxury camping holidays.

Astroglamping offers you the whole package of your Glamping vacation with an interactive astronomy workshop. Take a closer look with Astroevents high quality telescopes, to get a glimpse of the constellations of the night sky, the moon, impressive nebulae, distant stars, star clusters, galaxies or planets such as Jupiter and Saturn. Our enthusiastic instructors will let you in the mysteries of astronomy and exploit the correlations with ancient Greece and the Greek mythology too.

astroglamping stargazing outdoor activity. Glamping experience astroevents with Campsaround.

Great outdoors

The third reason concerns our younger glamping audience. Astronomy, together with glamping are highly suitable group and family activities. Observing the night sky is a fun educational activity for children, where they can learn about space and planets. It’s also a great opportunity to socialize, make new friends and memories, as well as to exchange views and reflect on the world of astronomy.

astroglamping family stargazing experience. astroevents with campsaround

If you are up for the adventure send your request here and Campsaround in collaboration with AstroEvents will help you organize the ultimate Glamping – Astronomy experience.

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