Ready to try camping with kids? Here are some tips for family camping

go camping with your family

Let’s start with the basics: It is never too early to start camping with your kids. What no; Sit back, with a cup of coffee in each hand, and take notes. Nature has the magical idiom to give a complete experience of the senses and camping is the ideal way to introduce the little ones of the family to the joys that are generously offered with it. Babies and teens, children of all ages, have every extroverted activity on their side, as a huge world opens up in front of them every time they wake up at the campsite: cycling, swimming, construction, walking in the woods, board games play and even reading. Your children, in a free environment like that of camping, learn to socialize, to cook, to discover constellations by observing the starry sky away from the city. And most of all, they learn to live in nature and to respect it!

To talk more practically, because we know you need it to eliminate any worries, hesitations or insecurities, we present the Camping Survival Guide with kids, the mini “Preparation Guide”

camping with kids. Prepare at home first tips.

Familiarity before camping – The beginning of new adventures with kids

Practice, practice, practice… The beginning for you is an easy task: You set up a tent in the garden or even in the living room.
Yes, in the living room! Where it ‘s comfortable, anyway, as long as you manage to spend several hours there with your children and make them familiar with the environment of campsite. Sleeping, reading a fairy tale, board and brain games with lots of questions and quizzes, even fantastic ones like making coffee or trying to protect yourself from the bad weather outside the stage. This simulation, for what the camping with kids will be like, you can take off by putting on the music carpet sounds of nature such as e.g. crickets, rustling of leaves, etc. If your child is still a baby, the familiarization solution is again under the tent, since there you can try to change his diaper and thus know what awaits you in a similar real setting.

The camping gear in the hands of your kids

Let them do the packing. In other words, let them take responsibility for packing their camping gear through a list that you have set from the beginning so that they don’ t lose control. At this stage your only concern is to check their backpack before departure. It is good for each child’s bag to have a different color so that they can always find and return their things to it throughout the trip. It is important to try to keep toys to a minimum and take with you only their favorites. Children will find ways to create their own outdoor amusement.

camping with kids. family friendly campsites to enjoy with your kids

Make cooking at the camping fun for kids

Take with you foods that they like. There is no better thing than a family meal around the campfire. Baking food with the help of long sticks like marshmallows, doubles everyone’s fun. Give your kids ones the joy of contributing to meal planning by asking what they want to eat. This way they will wait for the next adventure-trip. In addition, you can have with you food that they like anyway, even snacks ready-to-go for the difficult hours of travel.

New activities for kids in organized camping

Choose the right campsite based on your family needs. What is more mature than that? Some campsites have courts, private beaches or swimming areas. Others are located near streams, rivers, playgrounds. To be a good and cooperative parent, ask the children to tell you their ideas for the activities they would like to do together.

And guess what; Camping with kids does not mean camping with voices and whining. Make sure you choose a shady and spacious place for your tent as well as create an imaginary space (surround it with pebbles) so that your children can make constructions in there and without disturbing your “neighbors”. If this is your first time together in such an environment, it is better to stay in an organized campsite that offers all the comforts and make sure you do not slip away from home! You never know…In any case, spending time with your family is valuable.

That’s why the team of Campsaround has made sure that you can choose from a wide range of options, any camping or glamping you want for the adventure-trip with your kids in nature.


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