Unique glamping sites across Europe

Unique Glamping Sites across Europe

Did you know that even accommodation can be a destination on its own?

Glamorous camping a.k.a. Glamping offers a peaceful stay in nature combined with luxury and uniqueness. We’re talking tree houses, glamping domes, pods, caravans, houseboats, windmills, or even igloos. So let’s discover the top 10 most original and creative lodgings the European glamping scene offers.

Unique Winter Glamping Domes in Lapland

  • 2-4 persons
  • Muonio, Finland

As one of the most unique glamping sites in Northern Europe, the Aurora Domes glamping site offers a great spot for both admiring the Northern Lights and stargazing.
It is nestled on the lakeside, right beside a reindeer farm in Torassieppi and its transparent glamping domes provide an amazing view of the wild Lappish landscape. Just lie down in the comfy bed and enjoy the scenery.
These glamping domes are best to enjoy in the wintertime but offer a year-round, wild yet luxurious experience. They are equipped with a cozy double bed perfect for romantic stargazing. More beds can be added upon request (up to four guests). The bathroom and a sauna can be found at the camp base around 50 meters away, and a nice little café with locally produced organic snacks and hot drinks is available on the grounds.

On top of that, there are activities to enjoy and they vary according to the season. During winter you’re welcome to try cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, while in the summer you can go swimming, kayaking, canoeing, wild water rafting, and fishing in the Muonio River. Besides, you can try feeding reindeer and petting huskies.

So, next time you fancy watching the Aurora Borealis in style make sure to book your stay at one of these exceptional glamping domes in Finland.

Unique glamping sites Winter glamping in Finland

Vintage Glamping Caravan at the Côte d’Azur

  • 2-3 persons
  • Mougins, France

A romantic glamping caravan is located in the garden of a 400-year-old renovated mansion. Located near Cannes, Les Roses glamping site provides an authentic vintage experience all year round.

This unique, Romany-style glamping site is decorated with antique furniture. You’ll be charmed by a bedroom with a double bed, a lounge, a bathroom with a large bathtub, and a small but cozy private deck in front.

Moreover, there is a traditional Provencal restaurant on the site. They serve only delicious dishes made from locally sourced ingredients. And if you happen to crave some pampering you can book an appointment at the on-site spa. There are different types of massages, a sauna, and a jacuzzi. So, give yourself a present and visit this out-of-this-world glamping site.

Unique glamping in France

Stunning Houseboat in Belgium

  • 2-4 persons
  • Nieuwpoort, Flanders

The lovely Homeboat Glamping in Belgium is one of our favorite unique glamping spots on this list. If you’re looking for a sleek, modern, yet comfortable glamping site this is the one for you. It has 2 bedrooms and can host up to 4 people, and a very open space design and the floor-to-ceiling windows make for a magnificent view.

Nearby places you shouldn’t miss are Nieuwpoort-Bad, Veurne, and Westhoek. Don’t miss out on checking out the North Sea and enjoy plenty of fun activities like fishing, cycling, or wildlife watching.

unique glamping houseboat in Belgium

Rural glamping yurts in Spain

  • 2-5 persons
  • Tarifa, Andalusia

This eco-friendly and unique glamping site in the Spanish countryside is defined by the Afghan interior design and furniture pieces. Furthermore, the double-insulated roof makes sure you stay comfortable regardless of the season.

The cozy yurt is complemented with picnic tables outside and communal bathrooms with a solar shower, and a kitchen.

The unique Tarifa glamping yurts are only about an hour’s drive away from Gibraltar, and even closer to the southernmost point of continental Europe. This beautiful location gives its visitors a long list of activities to try. Some of them are hiking, surfing, paddleboarding, scuba diving, rock climbing, and horseback riding. If you decide to visit, make sure to savor all the Spanish coastline offers.

Unique glamping yurt in Spain

Enchanting Glamping Hut in Latvia

  • 2-4 persons
  • Tukums, South Latvia

This extraordinary glamping site in Latvia’s wilderness, the Iglu Hut Milzkalne is perfect for disconnecting and enjoying nature. Hiding in a pine forest, it comes with an equipped kitchenette, a bathroom with a shower a lovely little terrace.

For those looking to add pampering to their glamping experience, there is a jacuzzi right beside the unique glamping hut.

Meanwhile, the gorgeous surrounding Baltic wilderness is ready to charm you whether you go hiking, cycling, or bird-watching. We encourage you to also visit the stunning Kemeri National Park for more romantic inspiration and the charming capital Riga to soak up some city vibes.

Unique glamping Hut In Latvia

Eco-friendly Tiny House with spectacular views in Ukraine

  • 2 persons
  • Slavs’ke, Lviv Oblast

This eco-friendly tiny home in the Ukrainian countryside is the ultimate glamping destination in Eastern Europe. It’s perfect for a romantic weekend getaway or solo travelers, as it comfortably accommodates up to 2 people.

This remote and unique glamping site was created with sustainability and minimalism in mind. It’s equipped with all the necessities for a comfortable stay. The kitchenette comes with drinking water, there is energy-efficient heating, and no air-conditioning. On top of that, the owners encourage you to be more zero waste and provide reusable shopping bags. This glamping site is simply the archetype of sustainable vacationing.

On top of that, activities in the area include exploring the mountains on foot or by bike, and during the winter season there are great ski spots to discover.

If you need a place to relax and unwind like a pro, this glamping site is the one to choose.

Unique Glamping tiny house in Ukraine

Unique Igloo Glamping Site in the Austrian Alps

  • 2-6 persons
  • Innsbruck, Tyrol

The Innsbruck Kühtai is a unique winter glamping site in the Austrian Alps. It offers a remarkable experience for all adventurous winter lovers.

This seasonal winter village welcomes all, from solo travelers, families, and couples, to groups.
To accommodate all adventurers the igloos range from smaller to bigger and besides a comfy bed, some of them are equipped with a heated bathroom or even a dining area.

Outside you’ll get to enjoy many cool winter activities. We’re talking snow trekking, igloo building, snow sculpting, sledding, and Arctic winter games. And after a fun day, you can relax in a steamy barrel sauna or have a drink in the unique ice bar.

So, if you’re looking for a bucket list place to visit no need to look any further, this should be your destination.

unique glamping igloo in austria

Outstanding Tree House in Poland

  • 2-4 persons
  • Naleczow, Poland

Nestled above a scenic ravine, the „W Drzewach Glamping“ Pine House apartment stands majestically between a robust pine and an elegant maple tree. On two levels guests can enjoy a cozy living space, a modern but warm bathroom, a dining zone, a relaxation nook with comfy armchairs, and a snug mezzanine bedroom. The house’s full-height glass pane and an expansive skylight let you enjoy the peaceful view.

On top of the unique glamping stay you can energize with tree climbing, and wood carving, or relax in a cozy spa. And if you’re craving a touch of wilderness binoculars are provided in the apartment inviting you to immerse in the treetop wildlife.

Beyond the bounds of this unparalleled retreat, explore the nearby Lubin or even Warsaw. The Pine House at W Drzewach promises an unforgettable escape you should experience. Dive into this unique stay; your treetop haven awaits!

unique glamping tree house in Poland

Wrap Up

If you didn’t have a bucket list with awesome destinations now you have one. You’re welcome. All you need to do is text your favorite person and tell them that it’s time to plan your next adventure. Let’s go glamping!


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