The Most Popular Glamping Destinations in Greece – Discover the Best Glamping Spots

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Whether you love or hate camping you should give glamping a chance. In Greece, you’ll experience the great outdoors in a completely new way.

Glamping, a combination of luxury and being out in nature is becoming increasingly popular. The term is a blend of the words “glamorous” and “camping,” and it offers travellers a camping experience refined with all the comforts of luxurious accommodation. So if you’re looking for a unique glamping experience in Greece, in this blog post you’ll get to know the most popular destinations that combine a stay in nature with comfort and luxury. Keep reading, and you will explore some of the most popular Greek glamping destinations for your next getaway.

Halkidiki is one of the most popular glamping destinations in Greece. It offers stunning beaches and picturesque landscapes, and plenty of activities such as diving, hiking, and tasting amazing food. On top of that, there are unique glamping stays such as a cozy treehouse or a luxurious caravan in a charming olive grove. Doesn’t that sound amazing? We sure think it does, so take it as your sign to go glamping in one of Greece’s best glamping destinations.

Poros, a picturesque destination in the Saronic Gulf, is an ideal place for those seeking a peaceful getaway near Athens. If you add a unique type of accommodation such as glamping to the equation, you’ll end up with the best vacation combination. Check out the luxurious safari tent and the charming bell tent that Poros offers. They’re great if you enjoy amazing sea views and beaches, outdoor lounge areas, a peaceful atmosphere, and being out in nature.

Unique Glamping Areas in Crete

One of the largest Greek island, Crete, offers a plethora of options for glamping. Different types of glamping stays appear on the island as the alternative to regular camping. And people love it! We’re talking stuff like this gorgeous safari tent, a comfy bell tent, a cozy caravan with a pool, a charming cottage, and even a luxurious pod with a sea view. Besides that, Crete is a definition of paradise so make sure to go discover some of its amazing beaches, outstanding cuisine, and ancient heritage.

Kos is one of the most popular islands in the Dodecanese archipelago and is ideal for an alternative vacation. Doesn’t an amazing glamping experience at a luxurious safari tent with your own private garden and multiple entertainment options sound like a dream? We surely think so.

Luxurious Glamping Spots in Porto Heli

Porto Heli is a beautiful area in the Peloponnese, known for its breathtaking beaches and crystal-clear waters. Here, you can rent a private safari tent, or a camper stop with well-thought-out amenities, offering comfort and luxury while surrounded by the great outdoors. Simply the best of both worlds so come on over, the charm of Porto Heli awaits!

The Best Glamping Experience in Marathopoli

Marathopoli, also known as Marathos, is a coastal village located near Gargalianoi with a view of the Ionian Sea. The village is famous for its fish taverns and can get busy during the summer months. There are many camping options in this village, but glamping is becoming very popular too. Come enjoy this location, its charm, landscape, atmosphere, and cuisine, and make it unforgettable by staying at a luxurious glamping tent.

Finding the most popular destination for glamping in Greece offers a unique opportunity to combine the traditional camping experience with great comfort. If you visit the destinations we mentioned, you’ll get to discover the unique beauty of Greece through a luxurious, authentic, and unique glamping experience. Whether you prefer the sea, the mountains, or the traditional Greek villages, come try out glamping, it truly has it all.


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