Is Free Camping Allowed in Greece? Everything You Should Know!

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Free or wild camping sounds cool but it might get you in trouble to spend the night at that lovely beach you just discovered, so keep reading to find out whether it is allowed in Greece or not.

Greece’s stunning nature and picturesque landscapes can tempt outdoor enthusiasts to freely pitch a tent and enjoy the surrounding nature. However, it is essential to know if wild camping in Greece is allowed or not, so that you only make lovely memories during your trip. Now, let us tell you more about those and ensure you have a safe and fun camping experience.

Is Free Camping allowed in Greece? Read this before you go!

Free camping, also known as wild camping is not allowed in Greece, but authorities tolerate it in some cases so make sure to check the local regulations for the most accurate information.

The Greek Law says that “it is forbidden to set up tents or park caravans in archeological sites, beaches, public forest edges, and generally public areas. Violators can be punished with imprisonment of up to three (3) months, with a fine of three hundred (300) euros per person, or per camp, or per vehicle, or with both penalties.” However, camping outside the main tourist areas and outside the summer season is often allowed by both local residents and authorities.

However, making sure you follow the law is always your best bet. The wild camping restriction is in effect only from sunrise until sunset, and it’s good to note that authorities might occasionally conduct checks around 6:30-7:00 in the morning. Instead, you can rent out a plot of land from Campsaround and enjoy dreamy locations from 10€/day without any worries.

Organized Campsites in Greece – What To Expect?

Organized campsites in Greece are areas specifically designated for camping. They follow the camping rules and regulations and provide campers with the most important amenities and services.

Organized campsites offer tent pitch areas, shared bathrooms, showers, and kitchens, and can provide access to electricity. Some might even offer additional amenities such as swimming pools, restaurants, and some recreational activities. These popular campsites tend to attract a lot of visitors, especially during the summer season. To ensure you have a spot, it’s a good idea to consider making a reservation. Explore them here and if you’re still uncertain about whether organized camping suits you, explore our organized camping types to learn more.

So whether you’re planning to go free camping in Greece or not, you can now feel confident that you have the most important information. Now, take all the things you learned, pack your gear, and head out to explore the diverse Greek landscapes, eat great food, have fun, and make great memories.

Happy camping, and have a wild time out there! 


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