3+1 Best Road Trips in Greece: Discover the Best Routes for RVing and Camping

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Going on a road trip is the best way to explore your vacation destination to the fullest. Read through our 3 + 1 best road trips in Greece and choose where your next adventure will take you.

A road trip around Greece, a country rich in history, culture, good food, and lovely beaches, is an ideal destination for your next adventurous vacation. Driving across Greece is the best way to have full control of your time, and pace, and be flexible and spontaneous with your itinerary. Our blog post will be your inspiration and tell you about the loveliest destinations as well as what are the best campgrounds along the way.

6+ Day Road Trip Through The Peloponnese

Begin your adventure wherever it is the most convenient for you but our suggestion is to start in either Athens or Corinth. That way you can enjoy the entirety of our carefully curated road trip itinerary.

If you’re new to planning road trips go ahead and read our insightful blog post about planning an RV road trip in Greece.

Once you pass the impressive Corinth Canal make your way to the ancient theater of Epidaurus. You can either choose to go on a weekday for a sightseeing visit or come to this magnificent place on the weekend and stay for a play to get the most out of this 2,500 years old sight. After Epidaurus get back on the road and make your way to the charming town of Nafplio. There you can choose from a challenging climb up a thousand steps to the fortress above the town, a boat trip to the Bourtzi, a fort on the sea, or simply a romantic walk around the town’s quaint streets. After you’ve savored Nafplion it’s time to settle down for the night, we have a few suggestions for you. Check out these camping spots or discover other stays such as glamping tents in the area. 

The second day of your road trip starts with a proper adventure. Make a reservation ahead of time and go enjoy rafting, kayaking, or archery at Land and Water Adventure Center. Once you’ve conquered the waters of Ladon River it’s time to rest at the beach. We recommend the vast Elea Beach where you can rest or visit Elea Horse Riding and make some more unforgettable memories. Afterwards head to Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games. You can check out these great campsites around Olympia.

Start your third day by driving to Pylos where you can admire the largest natural harbor of the Peloponnese as well as the medieval Old Navarino fortress and its stunning views. Then continue towards two charming historical castle towns of Koroni and Methoni. We’re sure that the next stop will ring a bell as it is renowned for its delicious olives. Yes, you guessed it, it’s Kalamata. Enjoy a restful evening here and choose from our camping suggestions for your third night in the Peloponnese. 

For the the fourth day of your Peloponnese adventure, this itinerary will take you to Gytheio and its spectacular shipwreck, and then to Mani and Monemvasia. We advise you to spend at least a few days here as there is a lot to discover. From a medieval castle and a fortress, and extraordinary caves, to an unspoiled archeological site, and stunning beaches. These places were all made to be seen by your eyes, so don’t miss them. We recommend you take a look at these listings for your time here.

And now, after you have thoroughly enjoyed this off-the-beaten-path destination make your way to the famous Sparta and then head back to your starting point. And in case you’d like to discover more of the Peloponnese make sure to check out our two blogs on Summer Vacation in Peloponnese part 1 and part 2.

6+ Day Road Trip Around Crete

Embark on a ferry and take your campervan (RV) or your car on one of the best road trips in Greece ever. Crete, the largest Greek island awaits you.

Start your journey in Chania where you can admire The Old Venetian Port and sip on Raki, a traditional Greek spirit.

Take a couple of days to drive along the stunning Cretan coastline to the loveliest beaches and lagoons on the island, we recommend mainly Seitan Limania, Balos, and Elafonisi – simply postcard-perfect places. And while you’re here you can stay at these campsites or enjoy the comfort of the glamping experience.

And after you’ve enjoyed the beauty of the coastline it’s time to change the scenery. If you’re an adventurous soul our Cretan road trip itinerary allows you to dedicate a day of your venture to the breathtaking Samaria Gorge. However, bear in mind that this hike is not for the faint-hearted and will take you an entire day. The best way to enjoy it is to take advantage of the group trips departing from Chania every day during the summer season. If you’re interested check out more details about the Samaria Gorge hike over here.

Make sure you get some good rest after the hike and then drive east towards the wonderful city of Heraklion. Here you’ll find the ancient palace of Knossos which will send you back in time and introduce you to the culture of the Minoan civilization. Indulge in a serene evening in Heraklion and discover our curated camping suggestions for a memorable stay. Make sure you stay a day or two to savor the island vibes, the beaches, the cuisine, and the culture to the fullest

3 Day Road Trip in Evia

Discover the magnificent island of Evia and the city of Chalkida on an unforgettable three-day road trip itinerary!

Your journey starts in Chalkida, where local taverns will greet you with the best of Greek cuisine. We recommend going for the freshly caught fish, simply exceptional. Dedicate the first day on the road to relishing the charm of Chalkida.

The second day is dedicated to discovering northern Evia, mainly, the picturesque village of Limni, the beautiful beaches of Rovies, and the stunning coastline in between.

On the third day, the itinerary will take you to the southern end of Evia. The jewels such as Eretria, Agii Apostoli, the scenic village of Marmari, the amazing Karystos, and its beautiful beaches will amaze you. Check out our recommended camping option, in a perfect location in the center of Evia. And if you haven’t had enough of Evia’s beauty make sure to go see the Cheromylos beach the near village of Petries.

Here is where our journey ends and you are free to discover more or head back to your “base camp”.

3 Day Road Trip Across Halkidiki

Get ready for a unique road trip, Halkidiki is simply a great place to discover! This region of Greece offers a combination of beautiful beaches, villages, and landscapes.

Our Halkidiki road trip itinerary will take you first to Kassandra, where you’ll find sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters. Then follow the route and head down the peninsula and stop to see the curious Mavrobara Turtle Lake, fascinating Cliff Rocks, and scenic Cape Sevas. When you’ve savored all the views settle down for the night of camping or glamping at these lovely places.

The next day, head to Sithonia, known for its impressive natural harbor of Toroni and more stunning beaches such as Kavourotrypes, Aghios Ioannis, Fava, Karidi, and the most famous campsite in Greece with an amazing beach, Armenistis.

Lastly, explore Mount Athos, a place where nature and religious tradition blend. This region is only accessible to men and it is one of the last remaining monastic states in the world. Ladies, for you there is the option to wrap up your road trip by boarding a boat in Ouranopolis and taking a ride around this mysterious land. Check out this amazing campsite if you’re looking for a place to get some rest. If that’s not your cup of tea we suggest visiting the beautiful island of Amoulianni instead.

This concludes our road trip itinerary but feel free to enjoy more of this gorgeous region of Greece before you head back home.

An epic road trip adventure across one of Greece’s many stunning regions is one of the best ways to enjoy this country. Chose a road trip itinerary that you like best and discover either the enchanting Peloponnese, the captivating islands of Crete, Evia, or the outstanding region of Halkidiki. Take your time, enjoy the freedom of the open road, and absorb the local culture. Now, pack your bags and get on the road, Greece awaits your adventurous spirit.


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