Organized Camping: It is ideal for everyone!

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A circled group, wet hair, sand-filled paws, the sound of a guitar and a vast sky full of stars. Camping, just like that, becomes the poetry you want to live whoever you are. Wherever you come from. You may be one of those who wakes up in a place where no one is a stranger, likes to share their few – but essential – comforts and asks for crowds around to fill batteries. Maybe you’re a quiet person, prefer the tranquility of the mountain, enjoy the company of a few people more and regroup with equally quiet actions. On the other hand, your young age, interest in nature and relative freedom of movement at low cost can lead you into a tent set up around a tufted pine forest. Or even to have built your own family, with children full of energy and appetite to discover their own natural world through unique activities provided in all inclusive holiday packages.

Whichever scenario of the above is of your own life, with organized camping you have the opportunity to direct the most ideal holidays and star in them at the least possible expense

This type of tourism undoubtedly combines the terpnon after the benefit, since it not only generously gives pleasure to all those who choose it, but also leaves their pocket… half full at the end of each excursion. Thus, in organized camping one will meet all kinds of characters, regardless of family situation, financial comfort and taste.

Peaceful families

Children come into direct contact with nature and develop new skills through group activities provided at low prices, while parents cultivate their relationship and discover themselves deeper, having a leisurely drink in the bar next door.

Lonely bachelors

These are those who love the smell of books and seek their peace of mind, spiritual reconstruction and freedom. In organized camping you can find specially designed isolated corners and libraries full of stories.

The restless

It’s those who get bored easily, can’t bear to stare at the starry sky for many days and are always looking for something new to fill the endless empty hours of the holidays. Food in a co-established restaurant, a sports or a karaoke night that interrupts the flow of absolute rest, can get them out of their inertia and in an economical way.

Long-term relationships

It is lovers of all ages, parents with older children or not, who prefer quiet locations, complete disconnection from technology, double sleeping bag. Instead of bustling cosmopolitan holiday parties, they choose to explore new places together, share a walk along the nearest paths, chat. It’s the couples who know how to renew their relationship, giving them the freshness they need.

The young groups

They are children with free spirit and adventurous instinct. They love beach parties, intense social gatherings and barbeques. They always charge their phones, chase concerts and festivals, and like water sports. These children find the promised land by staying in organized camping.

The excursion types

Organized explorations, group hikes, climbs and jeep excursions on mountain slopes are some of what those who seek to constantly broaden their horizons and be constantly vigilant are looking for.


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