The Rising Trend of Camping During the Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has remarkably influenced travel preferences, with camping experiencing a surge in popularity. According to the North American Camping Report’s Fall 2020 Update, the appeal of camping has grown significantly. Outdoor getaways have become a favored choice due to their natural alignment with social distancing practices. This article examines this growing trend, supports it with compelling statistics, and provides advice for having a safe and enjoyable camping experience during these times.

Camping During Pandemic: The COVID Holiday Trend

Recent statistics from the North American Camping Report show a continuous increase in camping activities, defying earlier expectations. Contrary to assumptions made in May 2020, leisure travelers engaged in more camping activities than anticipated. This trend reflects the shift towards outdoor vacations as a safe alternative during the pandemic. Check out this report to find out more. The surge in popularity underscores the role of camping as a preferred COVID holiday trend.

First-Timers Embracing the Camping Lifestyle

The allure of camping has reached new enthusiasts, attracting a significant number of first-timers. The study reveals that 46% of leisure travelers who included camping in their pandemic travel were either new to this experience or returning after a hiatus. This influx of newcomers highlights the growing interest in camping as a refreshing and accessible vacation option.

Maintaining Momentum: Camping Enthusiasm into 2021

Looking ahead, past the pandemic travel, the enthusiasm for camping, shows no signs of waning. The report indicates steady interest among both seasoned campers and those eager to explore this style of vacation in 2021. Glamping, with its blend of outdoor adventure and comfort, continues to capture the imagination of a diverse range of travelers.

Planning a Camping Trip During the Pandemic

In light of these trends, planning your camping trip during the pandemic involves careful consideration. Stay updated on the latest COVID-19 travel restrictions and choose less-crowded camping sites for safe social distancing. Preparing to be self-sufficient is key, as amenities might be limited due to safety protocols.

Camping Gear and Safety Measures

Equip your camping gear with pandemic essentials like masks, hand sanitizers, and disinfectants. Opt for spacious tents to accommodate social distancing guidelines. Single-use items can be helpful in minimizing contact and contamination risks. Remember, safety and hygiene are paramount in every aspect of your camping experience.

Wrap Up

The covid 19 pandemic travel restrictions have catalyzed a newfound appreciation for camping, drawing in first-timers and rekindling the interest of lapsed campers. As camping continues to grow in popularity, it’s important to approach outdoor adventures with safety and responsibility. By following guidelines and embracing the spirit of camping, you can enjoy an escape into nature while adhering to pandemic protocols. Embrace the trend and set out for a memorable camping experience with Campsaround.


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