The rising trend of camping in COVID-19 times

Humankind has been seriously challenged during the global pandemic in 2020. While most of us were forced to change our daily routines and lifestyles, we were also restricted to explore new places and create memories the way we used to. Rafat Ali, CEO of Skift distinctively said that 14th of March, 2020 will be remembered as

 The Day the World Stopped Traveling

The latest travel trends are shaped by current needs like staying local, reduced human contact and sustainability.

So how can we escape the daily routine while being safe and responsible?

What better way than by camping in the great outdoors, in solated vacation spots, surrounded by mother nature!

I get it though, it sounds rather inconvenient to give up comfort; however, the two don’t have to go hand in hand anymore! Via facilities such as air conditioning, heating, free Wi-Fi, kitchen, and many more, glamping provides the best of both world. The coziness of a home and the opportunity to experience something new.

No wonder that camping is one of the top travel trends in 2020

Based on the COVID-19 Fall 2020 Update of the North American Camping Report, camping experiences continuous growth in popularity. The reasoning is very simple, outdoor getaways allow the most natural and seamless way of social distancing.

⇒ The survey found, that leisure travelers in fact exceeded their assumptions, as there were more camping activities than expected back in May.

Camping as first Type of Planned Trip Once COVID-19 Restrivtions are Lifted (May - September 2020)

⇒ Also, more and more first-timers are drawn to this type of vacation. The study reveals, that 46% of leisure travelers who include camping as part of their trips, either camped for the first time or restarted after a few years of break.

⇒ Interest and enthusiasm among campers as well as prospective campers, steadily remains for 2021 – specifically in glamping.

If you are looking for a vacation in nature, click here to explore the different types of accommodations.

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