Differences Between Camping and Glamping

difference between camping and glamping

Glamping takes the outdoor experience from tents and campfires to hot tubs and gourmet food.

Camping and glamping vary mainly in terms of comfort and convenience. This blog post will explain the main differences between camping and glamping in great detail so keep reading to find out which one would suit you better.

Camping and Glamping Definition

Camping is a way of vacationing in nature. It includes staying in a simple shelter in the form of a tent or a recreational vehicle.

Glamping is a luxurious form of camping that includes amenities not used in traditional camping.

In other words, camping is about setting up a tent, sleeping under the stars, and cooking over a campfire. On the other hand, glamping offers privacy, a comfy bed, and a unique blend of being in nature but feeling like in a fancy hotel.

Before we dive into comparing these two camping styles let’s see how glamping came to existence.

What Does Glamping Stand For and Is It a Real Word?

“Glamping” blends the words glamorous and camping. It was invented to describe a more sophisticated outdoor escapade. Then, once the world caught on to this trend, the glamping fever quickly spread around the globe. In fact, by 2018, the word glamping officially landed a spot in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it is therefore a real word.

How Did Modern Glamping Come Around?

Glamping, a cool new idea, first popped up in the UK in the early 2000s. People wanted more from camping – less roughing it out with lumpy groundsheets and basic setups that felt more like survival mode than a relaxing holiday.

Main Differences Between Camping and Glamping

Here are the core differences we will discuss more closely. Let’s get to it.


  1. more budget-friendly
  2. more wild and rugged experience
  3. Season-specific and weather-dependent


  1. more expensive
  2. more comfortable experience (electricity, private bathroom, full kitchen)
  3. Suitable for any season and weather
  4. Bonus: unique setting

Price Difference between Camping and Glamping

Campsite prices differ based on the location and gear you require. But in a nutshell, camping is more wallet-friendly compared to glamping. Campers usually pay a tiny fee or none at all, whereas glampers shell out more for fancy glamping perks.

Comfort Difference between Camping and Glamping

The main difference between camping and glamping is the comfort they provide.

Camping is about simplicity and campers generally make do with very little. They sacrifice walls, a roof, running water, a full kitchen, plumbing, and heating, for the sake of a raw and modest outdoor experience.

On the other hand, glamping is more cozy, comfortable, and even luxurious. Glampers enjoy the all features of an indoor stay plus the great outdoors just steps away. Besides the above-mentioned amenities, many glamping stays provide things like hot tubs, pools, patios, fire pits, gas grills, nice decor, and gourmet food.

Seasonality Difference between Camping and Glamping

The main downside of camping is that a tent might not provide enough shelter during bad weather or in winter. However, the same doesn’t apply to glamping. There are glamping sites in places like Scandinavia that let you watch the stars and the Northern Lights. That’s the perk of glamping, you can do it anywhere, and in any weather or season.

Bonus: Unique Setting of Glamping Sites

A bonus feature that glampers can enjoy is the unique setting that many glamping stays provide. Check out Campsaround’s unique glamping stays to see it for yourself. There are treehouses, cabins, huts, igloos, bubble tents, yurts, and more.

In the wild world of outdoor adventures, camping, and glamping stand as diverse poles of experience. Camping embraces the rugged, starlit simplicity, while glamping is all about luxury in the heart of nature. Choose your wilderness, pick your style, and go have a great time.

Happy camping, or should we say glamorous camping!


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