How to Start Renting My Private Land with Campsaround?

Become a host in Campsaround. Either you own a camping, glamping or private land, field, farm, olive yard, rent it out in Campsaround.

In recent years, travelers’ preferences have changed, and a simpler travel trend was reinforced during the pandemic. The demand for holidays in nature with greater privacy is gaining momentum. In other words, people are looking for private RV sites to rent out and spend their vacations surrounded by nature. That’s the reason you should start renting out that private land you have no other use for. Let us tell you how.

If you have a plot of land, a field, a farm, or even an empty space in your cabin’s yard, keep reading. Here is how to make extra money by turning your property into an RV site with Campsaround.

How Do I Start Renting Out My Private Land?

There Let’s take a look at the necessary features your new RV site will need.


A driveway is vital to making your site easily accessible by car or motorhome (RV).


No amenities are necessary because RV’s come fully equipped and are self-sufficient when it comes to water, electricity, waste, heating, or cooling. and they often even have a kitchen.
However, if you do plan to provide any amenities to your guest, you should mention them in your listing.

Perimeter fence

It is important for the visitor to feel safe, so we advise your RV site to be fenced around the whole perimeter. The feeling of security might make them choose your listing over another one.


There is no limit to the size of the space you decide to provide; the bigger your space, the more guests you can accommodate.


If you don’t want to get professional pictures taken feel free to use your phone. Nowadays, you can take nice pictures very easily. Our only criterion is for the pictures to show the entirety of your property.

Check out some photos we‘ve collected for you to get some ideas.

RV Sites Campsaround
A full view of a camper stop.
RV Sites Campsaround
A picture of the site where the guest can park their RV.
RV Sites Campsaround
An aerial view of an RV site.

How Much Money Can I Earn?

The average price for an RV site offered on Campsaround ranges from 10€ – 15€ per night, across Europe.
Of course, you can increase the amount depending on the facilities and services you offer.

Is There a Need for Private RV Sites?

Yes there is!

Firstly, as we mentioned earlier, sales of motorhomes (RVs) in Europe have increased in recent years and as a result there is a need to provide spaces that can accommodate them. Across Europe there are over 18.000 camper stops, places that can accommodate all these RVs. In Greece, on the other hand, there is no legislation that specifies the existence of such places where these visitors could stay overnight.

Rent Your Private Land at Campsaround

From all of the above you can understand that turning your private land to an RV site with Campsaround is an easy process you can complete in minutes.
It doesn’t matter if you have facilities or not, nor does it matter if you offer extra services to your guests.
If you have a farm with extra space, an olive grove, a backyard at your holiday home, you list it on our platform and make some extra money.

Start hosting with us!


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