How to make money from your unused land with Campsaround

Become a host in Campsaround. Either you own a camping, glamping or private land, field, farm, olive yard, rent it out in Campsaround.

In recent years, travellers’ preferences have changed. The demand for holidays in nature, in more eco-friendly options and with greater privacy, is gaining ground, a trend that was reinforced during the pandemic.

The biggest change was observed in the motorhome (RV) market, where in Europe, in 2020 alone, they grew 3 times more than in 2019, a trend that continued in 2021.

But how can you benefit from this trend?
Do you have a plot of land, a field, a farm or even an empty space in your cottage’s yard? Keep reading and find out how you can make extra money out of it by hosting on your property, adventurers who love nature and want to live a unique experience in it.

How to begin renting your private land

Who you can rent it out to

Anyone with a motorhome or a tent can choose your space to stay. All guests who choose this type of accommodation are campers who want to get in touch with nature by spending their holidays in it, away from crowds, seeking greater peace and seclusion, with respect to the natural habitat.

What are the requirements you need to have

You can begin with the basics.


It is important that the site is easily accessible by car or motorhome (RV).


Wondering if you need electricity, water, a bathroom or anything else?
None of the above is necessary. A motorhome for example, is fully equipped and self contained, has water storage, electricity, heating or cooling, a bathroom and even a kitchen in many cases.
The important thing is to mention in your listing what amenities the guest will find so that they come prepared.

Perimeter fence

It is important for the visitor to feel that they have come to a private space where they will be fenced in. They will feel more secure and it is an advantage to choose this place over another.


There is no limit to the size of the space you can allocate, the bigger your space, the more guests you can accommodate.


If the cost of a professional photo shoot is something you’re concerned about, then overlook it. Nowadays, with a simple cell phone, you can take really nice, clear photos without having to pay a professional photographer. The important thing is that all the spaces are clearly shown so it’s also clear to the visitor if that space fits what they’re looking for.

Check out some photos we ‘ve collected for you to get some ideas.

Make money from empty private land. Rent your space to RV camp at you with Campsaround.
Empty land in olive yard with space for RV camping.
Rent a space in private land for free tent camping in greece with mountain view at Campsaround.
Space in private land near mountain for campers with a tent.
private land with facilities, bathroom, toilet for campers/ Book in campsaround.
Private land with custom made bathroom for campers.
Book private land for wild camping in campsaround chalkidiki.
Private space fenced, by the beach for campers with RV or tent.
Wild camping in private space with shade. RV site in greece or for tent camping.
Private space with shaded spaces for RVing or tent camping.

How much money you can earn

The average price for an empty pitch offered to campers ranges from 10€ – 15€ per night, across Europe.
Of course, depending on the facilities you offer and any extra services you are thinking of adding, you can adjust this amount.

Is there a need for such spaces

As we mentioned earlier, sales of motorhomes (RVs) in Europe have increased in recent years and as a result there is a need to provide spaces that can accommodate them. Across Europe there are over 18.000 camperstops, places that can accommodate all these RVs. In Greece, on the other hand, there is no legislation that stipulates the existence of such places where these visitors could stay overnight.

Rent your space now at Campsaround

From all of the above you can understand that renting your space is an easy and fast process that you can complete in minutes.
It doesn’t matter if you have facilities or not, nor does it matter if you offer extra services to your guests.
If you simply have an agritourism farm with extra space, an olive grove, a backyard at your holiday home, then list it on Campsaround and make extra money from something you haven’t been using to date.

Start hosting with us!


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