5 + 1 Camping Styles – which one is right for me?

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What image comes to your mind when you hear “camping in Greece”? Perhaps a tent with a sleeping bag? If that’s the case, keep on reading, because there is way more camping options out there these days.
The options for a traveler’s overnight accommodation, as well as camping facilities vary across the country.

Most organized campsites in Greece have set up bell tents or safari tents, while others offer rental caravans, bungalows or mobile homes, to name a few.

Some of the above types can be found in selected organized campgrounds throughout Greece, while the most common choices include the combination of the following camping styles.

Pitch your own tent

The most widespread and classic type of camping is to bring your own tent and set it up yourself! It’s the go to option for “hands on” nature lovers and adventure seekers who are filled with excitement when creating something with their own hands. Also ideal for couples and people of “all ages” who want to spend quality time in the great outdoors!

pitch tent camping styles greek campsites

Rent a bell tent

Campsites evolve with its fans! If you used to enjoy carrying your own tent and equipment with you, but now looking for a more convenient camping style with your family, this is the one for you. It’s also a great option for first-time campers, who would like to try camping. Look for campgrounds with bell or igloo tents, usually equipped with a sleeping mattress or even a bed, occasionally with air-conditioning too!
Suitable for fun family holidays, as well as for adult groups or couples, with capacity ranging from 2-6 people.

bell tents camping styles greek campsites

Rental caravans

Most organized campsites have a separate area for caravans. Don’t get confused, not self-owned caravans, but ones that belong to a permanent resident of the campsite and keeps them there all year round, or are owned by the campsite and they rent them out.

If you feel like the sleeping bag on the ground doesn’t work for you, but have no trailer of your own, you can rent one! This alternative stay is perfect if you don’t want to miss the overall experience of staying in nature, but need a bit of comfort. Also, if you’d like to cook at your own convenience, some of them is equipped with a little oven or kitchenette and basic utensils. The rental price usually includes electricity and refrigerator. Last but not least, the sanitary areas of the caravans usually remain shared/communal.


If you’re wondering what’s a bungalow and what are it’s advantages, let us describe it for you. In Greece there are many campsites with bungalows offering a holiday close to nature, with the privacy and comfort of a room. They are equipped with private sanitary areas, beds, linen, sometimes air conditioning, all with great simplicity.

It’s perfect for a long summer stay on the beach. Don’t get confused though, the experience of such camping style has nothing to do with what you expect in a hotel. It remains a choice of outdoor holiday that spreads just outside your door, in a private or communal garden.

Bungalows in campsite. Book online unusual places to stay in Campsaround

Unique stays

Here the options are pretty extensive and vary depending on the campsite and its type. From mobile homes and safari tents, to yurts and wooden houses, all the way to any “other type of accommodation” offer a great opportunity to spend your holidays.

In this category you usually find options with all the necessary private facilities like sanitary areas, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, beds, garden with dining area and much more. They can be more luxurious and modern than the previously discussed camping styles, while offering a holistic approach to camping. They provide a pleasant stay with direct access to nature around you.

Treehouse Chalkidiki Greece Book Agramada Treehouse


Lastly, the emerging holiday trend with a newly implemented law in Greece, from May 2020. With its name originating from Glamorous + Camping, is a new approach to outdoor stays.

The concept of this camping style is the comfort of luxurious lodges in harmony with the environment. Given that sustainability and social responsibility are key in this era of hospitality, glamping combines both. It’s cautious about the environment while offering various activities and experiences that upgrade the local community and create new job opportunities. We will be covering this camping style in more detail in an upcoming article, so stay tuned.

glamping camping styles greek campsites

Hopefully, you’ve found the article to be a useful source and learned something new about organized camping in Greece. If you decide to camp this summer, whichever type you prefer, with Campsaround you’ll surely find a suitable place to enjoy the Greek sites and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones! 


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