Campsaround Partners with Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni Municipality for Successful Beach Cleanup

Campsaround Beach Cleanup

In the high season, we welcome about 100,000 people to our city every weekend, and the volume of waste becomes 2-3 times greater than usual. This creates a lot of pressure on our system, no matter how modern it may be.
Teemu Lehtinen, Voula Municipality Vice Mayor

Campsaround, a leading camping & glamping platform, has organized their first beach cleanup event in collaboration with a local municipality. For this year’s World Beach Cleanup Day, September 16th 2023, Campsaround staff and friends teamed up with the Attica’s Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni Municipality to clean up Voula B Beach.

Beach cleanup participants collected 10 bags of mostly plastic waste, which will prevent further degradation and lessen microplastic pollution. Both Campsaround and the Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni Municipality have expressed interest in further collaborations to aid the cause of environmental preservation.

The event saw participation from Campsaround staff and friends who made an impact on the beach’s cleanliness and overall health. Both Campsaround and the municipality Vice Mayor Teemu Lehtinen view the cleanup not only as an act of environmental service but also as a step forward in creating a community that cares about coastline cleanliness.

During the event the Voula Vice Mayor Teemu Lehtinen stated that the summer season visitors put a great strain on the city’s waste management system. Seasonal visitors are said to double or even triple the amount of waste produced compared to low season. For that reason, the municipality welcomed Campsaround’s enthusiasm to clean up Voula B beach.

Afterwards, Kyriakos Tsigkros from Campsaround remarked: “We understand the importance of keeping trash from polluting the environment and are excited for this beach cleanup to be the beginning of Campsaround’s environmental activism as well as of our cooperation with Voula municipality.”

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