Glamping: The glamorous version of camping

glamping vs camping

It is a special and completely new way of vacationing in Greece. The glamorous aesthetic with characteristic comfort covers every square of the accommodation that the traveler will choose while giving that close contact with the nature promised by the camp.

Glamping or in free translation “upgraded – majestic – version of the classic camping”.

Its aim is not only to provide all inclusive accommodation overlooking a verdant forest or surrounded by watermills, but also to encourage visitors to get to know the place.

Glamping, however, is not a new travel trend since it has roots back in the 16th century, when John Stewart, the 3rd Scottish Earl of Atholl, first prepared a rich experience in the Highlands for the visit of King James V and his mother. According to history, the Count wanted to offer his guests the comfort and luxury he enjoyed, set up large tents and supplied them with things from his palace.

In modern times, glamping first appeared in the UK in 2006 and in 2016 it enters the Oxford Dictionary, takes its name from the clever synthesis of the words “glamorous” and “camping”, describing in an excellent way the air of luxury that exudes this kind of tourism and the freedom that such a stay in nature offers. In 2007 the term migrates to the US, “Americanizing” glamping enthusiasts with the baptismist nickname “glampers”.


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