Christmas in Greece: Top 3 Winter Destinations Near Athens

Christmas in Greece
Greece is much more than beaches and islands; winter holidays in Greece will charm you.

When thinking of Greece, sunny beaches and azure waters often come to mind. Yet, this beautiful country turns into a magical winter destination during Christmas. Cities are dressed in festive lights and villages offer a serene winter escape, Greece in December is a beauty. This article takes you on a journey to learn about the best places to spend Christmas in Greece, revealing a side that many people often overlook.

Arachova: Lovely Winter Mountain Destination in central Greece

Arachova, the premier winter holidays destination in Greece, is just a short drive from Athens. Nestled at an altitude of 1,000 meters, it’s a hotspot for luxury chalet and winter sports lovers. Arachova’s charm lies in its traditional stone-built taverns, offering delicious local cuisine in the warmth of a lit fireplace. The region is also known for its exquisite textiles, woodwork, and dry wines. Don’t miss the chance to try “formella,” the local cheese, a true culinary delight available in the town’s quaint boutiques and shops.

Trikala, Corinthia: Serene Winter Holidays in Greece

Trikala, Corinthia, set on the slopes of Mount Kyllini, is one of the best places to visit in December. Its three unique settlements, Upper, Middle, and Lower Trikala, each offer distinct experiences amidst forests of cypresses and pine trees. The region’s natural beauty, including the majestic mountain range of Zeia and the Flabouritsa Ravine, is perfect for those seeking tranquility and outdoor adventures. Here, you can immerse yourself in the peaceful setting, ideal for hiking and connecting with nature.

Evia: A Blend of Mountains and Sea for a Charming Christmas in Greece

Evia presents the perfect blend of mountain landscapes and seaside beauty, just a stone’s throw from Athens. One of the top winter destinations in Greece. The island’s key destinations include:


A bustling city enriched with neoclassical architecture and cozy cafes along the coastal road. It’s a blend of modern city life and historic charm, with areas like Agia Paraskevi offering rustic beauty and a glimpse into Greece’s past. Sounds perfect for spending Christmas in Greece.

Steni and Stropones

Steni, known for its picturesque setting and rich vegetation, is a haven for nature lovers. Enjoy aromatic herb tea at local taverns or venture further to Stropones for warm cafes and freshly baked bread.


This mountainous village is famed for its stunning waterfalls, creating an exceptional landscape amidst dense forests. For hiking enthusiasts, well-maintained trails lead to breathtaking views from Mount Xiron.

Wrap Up

Christmas in Greece offers a unique experience that goes beyond its famed summer allure. From the luxurious retreats of Arachova to the natural splendor of Evia, Greece in winter is a hidden gem. Whether you’re seeking a festive city atmosphere or a peaceful mountain escape, the Christmas season in Greece is an unforgettable experience. Explore these winter destinations and our many year-round glamping listings, full of festive charm and natural beauty.


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