3 Reasons to book your next camping vacation in Greece

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The countless physical and mental benefits of camping are widely known by now.

Lower stress level, decreased anxiety and depression, opportunity to socialize and spend quality time with our loved ones, exposure to nature, fresh air, exercise and the list goes on.

If you are looking for an outdoor adventure, or just an opportunity to recharge yourself in nature, camping is your go-to option.

So we covered the advantages of camping in the great outdoors. Now let me unveil the reasons why you should choose Greece, as your next camping destination.

Remarkable and diverse nature

I need you to close your eyes. Now, imagine yourself lying on the beach, surrounded by the sound of waves washing the coastline, while the Mediterranean sun is tanning your skin with its full glow. Only a few meters from your feet, you can immerse yourself in the crystal blue Aegean. For more adrenaline, you can do surfing, paragliding, diving, kayaking and many more.

If camping on the beach is not your thing, you can explore the hidden waterfalls and natural swimming pools while hiking. The most attractive mountain sceneries of Greece include the legendary Olympus, Parnassus with its popular ski resort of Arachova and the kingdom of mythical centaurs, Pelion.

Campsites for all

The land of sun offers suitable campsites for all.

Families with children can rely on campsites with playgrounds or even fully organized summer camps to let the youngsters socialize and have fun.

Young couples or students longing for nightlife entertainment while camping, can choose from different campgrounds organizing concerts and music festivals.

Art lovers can also find campgrounds with art exhibitions.

Nudists also have the opportunity to find piece in nature and reconnect with themselves in campsites fulfilling their needs and requirements.

Finally, pet lovers are welcome in most campgrounds or specific pet-friendly campgrounds all around Greece.

Budget – friendly outdoor experience

Hotel stays, especially during the main season of May – October can be almost forbidden for many.

However, that doesn’t have to mean you need to miss out on the adventures Greece has to offer. With camping you always have the confidence of an economical choice to recharge yourself in nature.

Prices start as low as 4€/night. Based on your preference and budget you can also go for the option of glamping and other unique accommodations for around 30-200€/night.

Ready for your Greek adventure?

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