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What does “Instant Book” mean and what is the difference with “Request Booking”?

Campsaround platform gives you the opportunity to choose between 2 booking methods: “Request Booking” and “Instant Book”.

If your listing is marked as “Instant Book“, the dates are booked automatically when someone makes a reservation at your place and you do not receive a confirmation email about whether or not you have availability. That means that you need to have updated prices and availability for your listing to avoid problems in booking management such as double bookings.

If your listing is instant booking , you can save a lot of time because by regularly updating your dates, you won’t have to confirm or reject booking requests. It is also very useful to synchronize calendars from other platforms (such as Airbnb) with Campsaround platform in order to update availability automatically and block unavailable dates in the calendar. Click here to see how. 

Keep in mind that the owners who have enabled instant booking in their listing increased their profits by 30%. To enable this option: 
1. Just log in to your account

 2. Go to “Prices and Services”

3. Click on the option “Edit seasonality” on your listing

4. Then scroll down a bit and then press the button “Enable Instant booking”

Don’t forget to save your changes before leaving the page.

A page screenshot highlighting an "Instant Book" button and clarifying its distinction from the "Request Booking" feature.