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What is Campsaround Affiliate Program?

Acquiring your Campsaround affiliate link gives you the opportunity to earn some extra money by promoting Campsaround platform and securing bookings from friends, family members and people you know who would be interested in booking a holiday and living an unforgettable outdoor experience.
Furthermore, this affiliate program also applies to hosts, so if you have someone you know who is interested in introducing their site (e.g. camping) to the Campsaround platform or you are an host yourself, you can benefit from the Campsaround Affiliate program. 

All you need is to be registered on the Campsaround platform. If you don’t already have an account on Campsaround, check here our guide on how you can register on Campsaround. You can register either as a guest or as a host to be able to access the affiliate dashboard.

Once logged into your account, you can access the affiliate settings by visiting your dashboard and then finding your affiliate link in the “Affiliate” section.

A screenshot of a page with the option to create an affiliate link for Campsaround's Affiliate program.

You can share that link directly with your friends and family on social media or copy and send it through other platforms of your preference.
When an host registers their place or a guest completes a booking within Campsaround platform, by using your affiliate link, you receive money into your account.

To find out more about the amount you can earn from this program click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Explore your affiliate account further

Dashboard: It gives you a brief overview of the visits made to Campsaround through your link, commissions and earnings.

Affiliate link: Here you can copy your affiliate link, which opens the Campsaround homepage. You can also create your own link in case you want to specify the page your link leads to. To do this, you open the page you are interested in sharing, copy its link and paste it into the “Create affiliate link” field. You then click the “Create” button and you can now copy and share the link you created.

Commissions: In this tab you can check the commissions that refer to the listings or bookings that have been created through your affiliate link.

Visits: Visits corresponding to the number of people that they have visited a page of Campsaround through your link.

Creatives: In case you are interested in a visual configuration of your link, e.g. enrich it with an image to promote it, you can contact us here

Payouts: The amount of money you have received through the affiliate program. For the money to be transferred to you, you go to “My profile” ,find the corresponding field and fill in your bank details as described in our detailed article here

Settings: Here you can add your paypal email (if you have a paypal account), website (if you have one) and Slug to customize your link (e.g. your last name to be a part of your link).

A screen shot of the Campsaround affiliate account page.