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What about the bookings I get from my other channels (ex. Airbnb) ?

Once you sync Icals , your bookings automatically appear in your PMS. See how you can sync your listings here.

From now on, Campsaround pulls and syncs all new bookings made every 30 minutes so your availability on your PMS is up to date.
However, you can manually request and sync all channels by clicking the “Sync Icals” button every 10 minutes. This feature is useful in order to avoid any double bookings before you manually add one.

Important: You can not edit or delete an automatically imported bookings.

The most interesting and unique feature of Campsaround PMS is the ability to move reservations from one place to another depending on your availability.
For example: You just received a call for a reservation for one of your listings for a 5-night stay, but that particular listing is booked for 3 of the 5 nights, as it has already been booked through one of your channels. However, there is a gap for the exact same dates of your first booking on one of your other listings. So you can manually move the booking from one listing to another by simply dragging it with your cursor and leaving it in the available space, but you can still check ,in the booking details, the original name of the listing.
Now you have managed both bookings!

Keep in mind that you can move the booking through different types of listings, but make sure the guest is aware of any changes that are made.

A calendar with the option to add, reschedule, and manage bookings from multiple channels (ex. Airbnb).