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How do I set extra guests and services?

If you want to add some extra services to your listing with their corresponding price, you can follow the steps below.

If you have already set the seasonality to your listing, and you have just saved it, you click on the “Edit extra guests and services” button in the pop up tab.

Then, you enter the name of each service (i.e. children from 4-10 years old , pitch for caravan, pitch for small tent, electricity supply etc.) select the maximum number and add the price for the period in question. We recommend that you set the maximum number of all the services to 1 (except children) to make it easier for the user to select them. You can also add some activities that the guest could do for an extra charge, such as massage sessions, rafting or any other kind of sports, cooking lessons etc.

In case you just want to enrich the existing services or change their prices of an existing listing , after logging in to your account, go to “Prices and services”, click on “edit seasonality”, save the first page and then click on “Edit extra guests and services” in the pop up tab.

The existing services should be shown. You can change the price of each one, you can discard any one you want by clicking on the trash can button next to it, or you can add as many more as you want by clicking on the “Αdd service” button just below the last one.