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Mushrooms Farm “Mitato”

Sounio, Xanthi, Greece
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The Mushroom Farm “Mitato” is located in the village of Sounio, which belongs to the municipality of Avdira in the prefecture of Xanthi. It has been operating since 2011. It ensures that the production and packaging process is clean and there is less chance of contamination.

The location was chosen based on strict environmental criteria and has the right microclimate to echieve the best growth of mushrooms.

Replacing chemical fertilizers is the most environmentally friendly way to enrich and enhance the nutritional value of the substrate used for mushroom cultivation. In other words, what happens in nature so intricately when pleurous mushrooms grow in trees can happen in a simple cube of compressed straw. The way of growing pleurotus mushrooms on the farm has been upgraded, and with the help of new technologies in the growing chambers, pleurotus mushrooms can now be produced every day of the year.

In the production chambers, people who come to the farm can see and learn how the mushrooms are grown.
The mushrooms are grown in areas called ‘production chambers’. Throughout the process of producing pleurisy mushrooms, the chambers must be air-conditioned and the environmental conditions (temperature, ventilation, lighting, relative humidity, etc.) must be controlled.

The mushrooms are cultivated on a mushroom substrate that has already been sterilised and seeded. The substrate also contains the seed. The sudden and rapid growth of mushrooms is one of the most interesting things that happens in nature. By using proper ventilation, temperature and relative humidity in the culture chamber, the rate of evaporation is maintained at the desired levels to produce an excellent product.

We are waiting for you to visit a Mushroom production farm!



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