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Korogonas Ark, land of peace & regeneration

Korogonas Ark, 3 Love Road, Lakonia Greece
  • Kitchen
  • Pets
  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • Terrain
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  • Water supply
  • Chemical toilet disposal
  • Fits camper length
    up to 5 meters
  • Campfire
    Not Allowed
  • Self check-in
  • Electricity

“Korogonas Ark” in South Laconia, Peloponnese (Greece) is a community, educational peace project in progress, a modern ark (about 30 acres) for the preservation and dissemination of traditional values, information, ancient and modern knowledge, as well as practices & methods i.e. seed banks, natural farming, peaceful food and consumption, natural building, protection of plants and animals in the area, conservation of wild varieties.

The Ark is a place where the dissemination of lived and applied through the centuries universal human values, wisdom and inspiration go hand in hand with modernity, technological support, innovation, when all these serve sustainability, peaceful interactions, applied spirituality, gentleness, unity consciousness, individual/collective transformation & empowerment, fully harmonized coexistence on a micro and macro scale in Mother Earth.

“Korogonas Ark” is a nucleus for personal development, grace, holistic learning, peaceful activism, daily spirituality and awakening people to their full potential, empathy, deep listening, win-win-win life experiences, unity, so that everyone is a valuable cell contributing to the unified One, a thriving ‘transformer’ serving the new narrative that has been emerging in our lives for years, the Story of Connection.

Wild olive trees, eucalyptus, carob trees, shrubs, flowers, birds of various species, hares and wild rabbits, foxes, among others, give life to this land of peace.

Domestic animals are welcome at the Ark, visitors bearing in mind that five friendly dogs and three cats already have a home here.

The fencing of the land of the Korogonas Ark is natural and the ground is level. There are many shade trees ready to welcome campers, walkers and vacationers.

All the land is 100% pure and chemical free. The horizon is clear of power poles and antennas.

The air is fresh and the micro-climate of the small plateau of Korogonas is ideal for campers – even during the hot summer days in Greece – due to the cool air at night and the short distance of the plateau from the sea coast. Mosquitoes don’t like our place.

The celestial dome is a wonder in itself, the stars shine brightly and the Milky Way appears spectacular, crystal clear, as if it were a distance away to touch.

Over ten pristine beaches, each of particular and varied beauty, are easily accessible by a 3-10 minute drive.

Welcome to “Korogonas Ark” for deep rest, good sleep, peace of mind, healthy environments, beautiful smells, inspiring views, invigorating color therapy at dawn and reign of the sun, in a daily shower of lasting wisdom and embrace of the realms of authentic Nature here.



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