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«Korogonas Ark» in South Lakonia, Peloponnese, Greece, is a community peace, educational project in-progress, a contemporary ark for the preservation and dissemination of traditional values, information, old/ancient and contemporary knowledge as well as elements and methods amongst which seeds’ banks, natural, organic and sustainable farming, peace food & consumption, protection of various plants’ varieties and animals in the area. The Ark (ca 30.000 sq.m./7,4 acres/3 ha) is a land of peace where the preservation of experienced and applied within the centuries global human values, wisdom and inspiration goes hand in hand with modernity, technological support and innovation, when all of the last three serve sustainability, peace interactions, applied spirituality, kindness, unity consciousness, individual/collective transformation & empowerment, fully harmonious coexistence among every entity in micro- and macro-scale upon Mother Earth. The Ark identifies itself as a core entity for personal growth, grace, holistic learning, peaceful activism, everyday spirituality and people’s awakening towards their full-potential, empathy, deep listening, win-win-win life experiences, unity, so as for everybody to become a thriving Game Changer who serves the new story which has emerged, the Story of Connection, a valuable cell and contribution to Oneness. Wild olive trees, eucalyptus trees, carob trees, bushes, flowers, birds of diverse kinds, hares and wild rabbits are giving life to this land of peace. Pets are very welcome bearing in mind that there are five friendly dogs and three cats which also have their home here. The fencing of the plot is natural and the ground is flat. There are many shades from the trees, ready to welcome campers and vacationers. The whole property is 100% pure and free from chemicals. The horizon is clear from electricity pillars and antennas. The air is fresh and the micro-climate of the plateau is ideal for campers – even when summer days in Greece are hot – due to its soft breeze during night time and its short distance from the sea. Mosquitoes do not like it here. The sky dome is a marvel in itself, the stars are sparkling and the milky way is phantasmagorical, crystal clear as if at arm’s distance. More than 10 pure beaches of special and diverse beauty are reachable easily in 3-10 minute drive. Welcome to Korogonas Ark for deep relaxation, good sleep, peace of mind, healthy surroundings, beautiful smells, inspiring views, rejuvenating color therapy at sunrise and sunset, showered every moment by the wisdom of the kingdoms of pure Nature. Activities you can find in Korogonas Ark:

  • harp experience in Monemvasia castle city and/or Pantanassa – Suggested time: early in the morning, experiencing the violet orange colours of the sunrise; one of the most impressive sunrises on the planet. The castle city dresses up like a medieval lady in warm pink and orange, the quietness is ‘disturbed’ only by the morning birds and few small fishing boats and the view is infinite, travelling unencumbered upon the endless blue of the Aegean sea. – 100 euros
  • guided tour at Monemvasia castle city – Experiential tour at the uniqueness of Monemvasia, a worldwide historical heritage, picturesque, atmospheric and authentic. The tour is conversational, playful and participatory with a flair of adventure, suitable also for families. – 100 euros
  • personal counselling – one-to-one counselling, offering tools and practices of self-empowerment and emotional healing, coaching and crisis transformation, the Language of Connection and re-connection with own potent Self, peace healing food & nutrition, specific sessions for parents, teachers, families, career persons – 30 euros
  • permaculture & natural farming – tips and valuable pieces of advice for regenerative lands and plants of beauty, health, resilience and high nutritional value (when edible) in full synergy with local ecosystems – 80 euros
  • natural building constructions/bio-tecture – ancient wisdom and innovative practices for bio-climatic, organic constructions of authentic/extraordinary aesthetics, high hygiene and low impact for both humans and the environment – 80 euros



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