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Alta Langa Tour Experience Package for Two

Province of Cuneo, Italy
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The Langhe, famed for its excellent wines and gourmet delights, is a top destination for wine enthusiasts globally and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A must-visit within this region is the Alta Langa, comprising over 140 Piedmontese municipalities, characterized by lush vegetation, vineyards, and renowned hazelnut cultivation (notably the tonda gentile delle Langhe).

Visiting Alta Langa offers a rich experience year-round, with picturesque castles on hills, charming villages, and numerous wineries for wine tours. Literature enthusiasts can explore sites that inspired Pavese and Fenoglio, such as San Benedetto Belbo, a favorite summer retreat of Fenoglio.

The package for 5 Days- 4 Nights which is for two people includes:

Overnight stay
Visit and tasting at a hazelnut farm
Tasting of typical local products
e-bike rental
Wine tasting
Guided tour of the Censa di Fenoglio
Walking Tour Alta Langa

Day 1:
Check in
Situated in the center of Feisoglio, in the heart of the Alta Langa and a UNESCO heritage site, this spot is perfect for cycling, countryside walks, and culinary tours. The property, made entirely of Langa stone, spans two floors and includes a living kitchen, a double bedroom, and a bathroom. It overlooks a garden with a splendid view of Monviso, making it an ideal base for visiting Alba, renowned for its truffle fair.

Visit and tasting at a hazelnut farm

Learn about the cultivation and processing of the Tonda Gentile delle Langhe I.G.P. hazelnuts, renowned for their exceptional quality and unique flavor. Enjoy these hazelnuts paired with organic wines from producer Emanuele Gambino, who adheres to environmentally friendly practices, avoiding chemicals, synthetic pesticides, and herbicides.

The tasting experience includes a tour of the farm and hazelnut groves and lasts approximately 2 hours.

Day 2:
Tasting of typical local products

Join Alessandro and Arianna at their organic farm in Alta Langa, Mombarcaro. They reside in a woodland farmhouse, raising the endangered Langhe sheep and producing raw milk cheeses with just milk, rennet, and salt. These cheeses vary in taste and appearance based on seasonal pasture grasses, produced from spring to autumn.

Practicing sustainable farming, their sheep graze on pastures from spring to autumn and are barn-fed with their own hay in winter.

Enjoy a guided tour featuring tastings of raw milk cheeses and other local products.

Day 3:
E-bike tour from Murazzano to Monforte and wine tasting

Rent an e-bike from Alta Langa e-bike in Murazzano and set off towards Monforte, passing through scenic roads, vineyards, and the picturesque Langa landscapes.

Upon arrival at the cellar, you’ll be greeted by Maurizio, a young winemaker, who will guide you through a tour of his wines in the Barolo DOCG area.

The visit includes:

A vineyard tour
A cellar tour
A tasting of 7 wines, including Barolo
In June and July, an alternate route from Murazzano to Sale Langhe is available to view the lavender fields.

Day 4:
Guided tour of the Censa di Fenoglio

La Censa is a traditional Langa shop that offered a variety of items from groceries and crockery to haberdashery and hardware, complete with a bread oven in the back room.

San Benedetto Belbo had such a shop, managed by Placido Canonica, a witty storyteller and a central figure in Beppe Fenoglio’s tales of San Benedetto.

In celebration of Fenoglio’s 100th birthday, La Censa has been restored and transformed into an interactive, sensory museum, allowing visitors to experience the historical Langa lifestyle.

This excursion includes a visit to La Censa.

Walking tours in Alta Langa

The tour starts in Murazzano, where the guide will provide an overview of the Alta Langa region, highlighting the tower and buildings of Murazzano in connection to Fenoglio’s works (Il partigiano Johnny, L’addio, La sposa bambina).

The tour then descends into the Belbo Valley, visiting the center of San Benedetto Belbo, where Fenoglio spent his summers and set many stories (A Day of Fire, The Village, The Rain and the Bride). The Ca’ di Lu trail will also be visible.

Day 5

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