Winter in Greece: Unique mountain destinations

winter destinations greece

Greece is well-known for its sunny beaches, but its mountain destinations in winter are just as special. The journey begins in Dimitsana, then to the impressive Agrafa, continues through Pertouli, and ends in Zagorohoria in the north. In winter, these areas of Greece reveal stunningly beautiful landscapes that are a must-see.

Snowy mountain peaks, tall green fir trees that stand dense and tall next to stone houses, become the next station to which you must descend.

Dimitsana: A Hidden Destination in the Peloponnese Mountains

Dimitsana dominates over the gorge of Lousios at 950 meters. Built amphitheatrically, with high, stone tower houses spread over two opposite hills, it gives a full picture of the Arcadian landscape. A walk through the cobbled cobblestones of the historic town, a visit to the library of 35,000 books and a passage from the Open Air Museum of Hydromobility easily reveal part of its rich cultural heritage. The water that reaches the springs of the area comes directly from the mountain of Mainalos with the busy ski resort 33 km away.

Agoriani: The Picturesque Village of Parnassus

Born in the arms of Parnassos, at an altitude of 850 to 940 meters, on seven hills, Boyani is the alternative (from cosmopolitan Arachova) to reach the mountain of Parnassos and the ski resort that is 20 km away. Literally drowned in fir trees and plane trees, the queen of Apollo’s mountain is a Greek fairy tale version of Austria. The snow as dense and frequent is dressed in white, while the alleys offer walks under the sound of the waterfall and the bells of the herds. The surrounding area is ideal for hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking and of course good food, with separate cheese products and honey.

Rediscovering Redina: A Winter Destination in Agrafa

A village built at 900 meters altitude on the borders of the prefectures of Karditsa, Fthiotida and Evritania, Redina has been designated a preserved traditional settlement. The nymph of Agrafa is considered one of the richest villages of mountainous Roumeli and to this day one can see majestic stone towers with luxurious interior decoration and fortress composition, which prove its earlier prosperity. The rare cultural & historical heritage of Redina generously offers fresh air that is born in oak, fir, chestnut and spring water forests, while reaching there it is worth visiting the Museum of National Resistance, the Holy Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and the Museum of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Art.

Pertouli: A Snowy Paradise in the Thessalian Mountains

Dense snowy fir trees, deer passing by, running waters, luxurious guesthouses – old mansions, picturesque taverns with well-cooked food is the image that composes Pertouli of the prefecture of Trikala. The village is built at an altitude of 1,150 meters, on the slopes of Koziaka, hosts thousands of tourists every winter with skiers and mountaineering enthusiasts having a leading role in bookings. Apart from the ski area of Pertouli, Kokkinostefano, the Byzantine fortress near Gion and the stone Bridge of Gria with the carvings near the gorge of Mana are some of the local attractions.

Papigo and Zagorohoria: Where Winter in Greece Come Alive

The canvas in Zacharohoria, the complex of 46 villages with traditional architecture based on slate, stone and wood, can only be enchanting. Big and Small Papigo are the perfect complement to two villages just 3 km away, with churches and stone fountains, imposing towers above the settlements, fountains made by the hands of the locals and exciting hiking routes.


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