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Straw Hut Dantelle

Lampiri, Achaea
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Lambiri, Achaia, in the Peloponnese, is home to Camping Tsolis. A lush green area near the sea and beneath the Ziria mountain. The campsite is easily accessible from the old Athens-Patras highway, and a bus stop is located immediately outside the campground. There is security, fire safety, and free Wi-Fi at the campsite.

Tsolis camping in the Peloponnese has a wide range of accommodation alternatives. It’s ideal for campers who want the simplicity and independence of their tent, as well as those who are less prepared and desire a slightly more comfortable campground. As a result, the Straw Hut becomes an option for them. A unique option with a semi-double bed, a double bunk bed, a fridge, and a garden in a more remote portion of the campsite to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature while taking in the magnificent view of the Corinthian Gulf.

Tsolis Camping has everything you’ll need for a comfortable stay. There is a restaurant on the premises that serves breakfast as well as great traditional foods for your meals throughout the day, as well as a mini-market where you can get your basic needs met. The campsite’s beach bar may be found just a few meters down the road, on the sea, after passing through a short alley inside the campground. There is also a playground for our small buddies and cafe for parents to enjoy their coffee or drink while looking out over the Corinthian Gulf.

Three complexes with toilets and showers, which are frequently cleaned for guest hygiene, a laundry room with coin receiver, dedicated boats for hand washing, and space to wash your clothing are also available in the public areas of the campsite. Kitchen with the ability to store and cool your items, dishwashing area, BBQ, and the option to purchase gas bottles if desired.

You can learn more about taking diving lessons from a registered school by getting in touch with the campsite staff. Camping Tsolis is only 2 hours from Athens and is one of the most popular summer vacation spots in the area. It is excellent for various excursions and treks to surrounding attractions, such as the remarkable archaeological site of Ancient Olympia, which is only 2 hours away from the campsite and deserves a whole day to explore. Diakopto, with its famed serrated railway, is 25 minutes away from Lambiri. The beautiful route that leads to Kalavrita is a must-see, as is the Kalavrita Ski Center, which offers a stunning vista. The historic Rio Bridge, which connects Peloponnese and Central Greece, is only 17 kilometers from the campsite. Nafpaktos, just 40 minutes distant, is located on the opposite side of the bridge. A city that has been described as a historic town, with a castle to explore and a beautiful vista to admire.


Google Reviews

894 reviews
  • Ein Owca
    Ein Owca
    3 months ago

    Absolutely nice owners and employees! No stress all easy! Cool beach bar but quiet at night. Great bathrooms, washing machine and place to wash dishes. All you are searching for in a camping for a longer stay!

  • Hannes W.
    Hannes W.
    a month ago

    Excellent camping with perfect sea view places. Everything perfectly organized and nice bathrooms recently renovated. Very dog (and cat) friendly place. The tavern food is extraordinary, especially the moussaka is maybe one of the best in Greece. Also try the cheese balls, very fine food. Furthermore the staff is so super friendly and welcoming. And if people like Mr Robert Stratz make *star reviews of this nice place because he - although being no customer - had to pay for extinguishing their waste water (!) there, it is only stupid. Such stupid people - which can only be Germans of course as we know them all around the planet - should quit camping and please stay at home with their fussy attitude.

  • Justin Moss
    Justin Moss
    a month ago

    Possibly the best campground I've stayed at - nothing fancy, just clean, well organised, cafe that opens early (0730) and a perfect seaside beach. The tent pitches on the terraced frontage are excellent. The wifi is also very good (30 Mbps / 10 Mbps) The beach bar does wonderful food, unfortunately the drink prices are very high (hence -⭐).

  • Dimitrios Athanasiou
    Dimitrios Athanasiou
    2 months ago

    Great value for money ideal on weekdays. Arrive early on weekends. Good food options and beach terrace. Also a diving platform that is unique in the area.

  • X. Sinani
    X. Sinani
    a month ago

    What a magical place at the beach. Very clean, love the details around the corner, friendly company. Everything just perfect.

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