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Each house is built on a single level out of natural pine wood and has an architectural style that fits in perfectly with the natural environment around it. The size of each house, without the porch, ranges from 65 to 75 sq.m. Some of the rooms are also a little bit different in sizes. There are three bedrooms: two with double beds and one with either single beds or a queen-size bed, depending on the house. Each of the three-bedroom homes has two bathrooms and toilets that are up-to-date. The houses are decorated in a classic style that is easy to recognize. The fresh colors in the room and the beautiful wooden furniture make it feel cozy, peaceful, and comfortable.

The forest houses aren’t made to have their own kitchens or living rooms. If you want to cook something, you can use our kitchen for tourists. Of course, you can use our beautiful traditional tavern “The Watermill” and the Summer BBQ restaurant while you are at the campsite. Each cottage has a charming wooden veranda that connects them. This is a great place to be alone and watch the world go by, as well as to meet up with friends and laugh in the warm summer nights.

There is a large, nicely landscaped area in front of the homes. On one side is the tent camping area, and on the other, a forest provides natural shade for the houses. Each cottage has a parking spot for its guests.



Google Reviews

1,357 reviews
  • Mihai Cetean
    Mihai Cetean
    8 months ago

    We had an amazing time here. We came with our tent, found a nice place to put the tent and the hammock. Beautiful waterfall and swimming pool here as well.

  • Melih Güzelbeyoğlu
    Melih Güzelbeyoğlu
    6 months ago

    Great place for camping, caravan. Very clean WCs, good pool. Great place for families

  • Stoimen Hristov
    Stoimen Hristov
    7 months ago

    I came to the camping with a group of friends to celebrate my 30th b-day. I'm splitting this review in two parts because of the way how the place is actually being managed. With regards to the camping itself, we booked a few of the wooden houses they offer for four days in a row and we were pretty impressed by their quality. A bunch of us also took caravans and were happy with their quality too! Also, the staff consists of really good professionals who welcomed us and made our stay as smooth as possible. I had the chance to connect with Georgi Dadov, the camping manager, and I cannot stress how impressed I was by his professionalism, motivation and way of making things right for the complex and their clients. For my b-day they even offered me some swag which you can see in the photo attached. That was a small but really touching gesture. About the restaurant part, I have to tell I'm a bit disappointed, though. We had a night planned for the b-day, the staff was very welcome and self-giving but a bunch of small things made us all feel weird every now and then. A few small examples I can give are: - Our group arrived a bit late because of road accidents and no-one was offered a drink/refreshment or was even offered to have a seat and relax for a moment in there. (first impressions do count) - The fact that you can bring your dog to the camping, but you cannot take it with you in the restaurant (механа) also struck us pretty bad as we were tired and hungry and had to go in the outside kiosk and get some take-away food instead. - We were a group of twenty and were not allowed to bring any outside alcohol except for a liter of something. Basically they rely on the fact that you drink at theirs in order to reach a quota or something? I'm not sure for the reasons but that's the first place where I organize a big event and am not allowed / or any compromise is made with outside alcohol. And their alcohol is with 300% - 400% price-bumped. It is obvious that you pay for the service provided, but we'd stayed and used the mehana much more should our experience there felt better. - One other evening we even had to bargain with the staff in order to arrange tables so that they can fit the whole group in the same table. The excuse was that the tables won't be balanced which made an awful impression... When you have twenty people standing on your door you welcome them nicely, you don't make them arrange tables or wonder if sitting in your restaurant should feel like committing a crime?!? - The food in the restaurant was fresh and nice. My only reason for the five stars I give to the place is the fact that I really enjoyed talking with Georgi Dadov and what he's managed to achieve with the camping area and the crew he's built! IMO, there's no need for management separation and the place (restaurants + camping) needs to be managed by a single person only. The separation at this level simply brings disruptions downwards which leads to misunderstandings and funny experiences.

  • MiBa Baumann (None)
    MiBa Baumann (None)
    9 months ago

    For me one of the best camp sites in Bulgaria. Season starts on June 3rd, public pool and restaurant will be open. Sanitary facilities are high standard, pitches are big for camper vans. Options for standing in the direct sun or under trees. Electricity, water and grey water nearly at every pitch. A few biking and hiking options and 20 km to Veliko Tarnovo

  • Stiliyan Chishirov
    Stiliyan Chishirov
    5 years ago

    Excellent place for some relaxing picnic, camping, or swimming and sunbathing! There is a restaurant, bar, and swimming pool. Large open spaces, and good conditions for tents, or mobile homes. There is a monastery to check out and outstanding mountain scenery. Right next to the complex you can find beautiful cliffs with a waterfall.

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