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  • Sleeps
  • Kitchen
  • Pets
  • Toilet
  • Shower

Our Dome Glamping tents in Sahil Kamp Istanbul are a new kind of place to stay where you can experience the unique design of Dome tents in Turkey. The center of Istanbul is about an hour away from the Dome Glamping Istanbul site, which is right next to Istanbul. Our tents have an unusual design and 25 m2 of living space, and they can be used for Dome glamping in nature with a view of the sea. Our Dome Tents, which we made by combining Scandinavian and Turkish styles to make a simple living space, make you feel like you’re on vacation, whether you’re in Norway or on the steppes of Central Asia.
Our rooms, which have the minimalist style of the Scandinavian countries and the practical and minimalist style of our ancestors and where you can sometimes feel like you’re staying in a Dome tent, give you the best of both nature and culture.
In our Dome Glamping tents, we wait for our guests who want to camp in nature with a view of the sea, away from the noise of the city. The Dome Tents are a different kind of accommodation that we have made for you, our valued guests. They are made so that you can enjoy a holiday in nature in a luxurious and safer way.
Dome Glamping Istanbul has everything you need to have a vacation with a simple lifestyle. Our dome tents have a 25-m2 living space and a bathroom with a toilet and a shower. In our dome tents, there is a large double bed, a table, and a chair. There is also a clear window in our dome tents so you can see the view of the sea. Our Dome tents also have a private garden area with a view of the sea and air flow.



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4,523 reviews
  • H H
    H H
    a month ago

    Place is extremely dirty, unclean, unmaintained, and trash is everywhere. The restrooms are a whole other story. The only reason...

  • Naimal Haq
    Naimal Haq
    a month ago

    I had a great experience at Sahil Kamp this weekend. The staff is really cooperative and welcoming, especially Mehmet (the...

  • Lang Batam
    Lang Batam
    4 months ago

    Market çok şey var kamp gitmek için, mangal set için de var, in this kamp that's so many that u...

  • Mohammad Abkhou
    Mohammad Abkhou
    9 months ago

    The location is really amazing. We camped there for two nights. The uncle Mehmet (the guy with white curly hairs)...

  • Mohamed Elsheikh
    Mohamed Elsheikh
    9 months ago

    A year and half ago, I came with my wife and it was beautiful. Now, they don't care anything. Rooms...

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