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Sahilkamp is set up in pine forests on the Asian side of ile Sahilkoy and lets people camp in luxury tents by the sea. Here, you can add different things to your walks in nature. With the stove inside the tent, you can stay warm while camping in the winter. You can eat at the seaside cafe while watching the beautiful sunset, or you can cook your own barbecue. There are cafes, pools, bathrooms, showers, and kitchens in the common areas. And the beautiful blue of the Black Sea.



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3,888 reviews
  • Ahmad Kh
    Ahmad Kh
    6 months ago

    Generally safe Restaurant and food was good We rented Dome tent for 1250 lira/night but it was not good at all ,no A/C or even a fan , zero ventilation. Inside the tent was like sauna even during night. The beach in front of the Sahil camp is unfortunately dirty but if you walk 1000 meter along the beach toward east it becomes nice and clean but be careful if you want to swim 🏊🏻‍♂️ there as there is strong wave 🌊 and no life guard.

  • Salih Ozturk
    Salih Ozturk
    5 months ago

    It was overall a place that can be stayed. My pros: - diversity for accomodation. Plenty of options. - goods are nearby - big area. Provides trees and sea at the same time Cons: - please get rid of the street dogs inside the facility. They are too loud at nights and can come near camp area - please dont let anyone enter after 22.00. It was really disturbing to be exposed to the sounds of settling while we were trying to sleep - please do not let the ATV s ride inside the facility. Too loud and risky especially for families with small kids. - provide electricity for camping areas. Literally there is no sockets to get power from.

  • Anastasia Novikova
    Anastasia Novikova
    7 months ago

    Mixed experience. We came and asked to check the place, left the car outside - they didn't really want us to check something, we could check 50 meters or so. Tents area is nice, but mostly pretty crowded. Toilets often didn't have soap or toilet paper, in some flush was broken. The beach is close to the area and you could find a place to stay without too many people around. Their restaurant Liman was nice from the first experience, food was tasty. But morning there was awful. First online menu didn't work and they didn't have paper one, said we have normal breakfast food. Some items they didn't have. Instead of omelette they made mixed menamen. They didn't have coffee for breakfast and you couldn't order anything else from the menu. They have a nice dog (Akita breed) in the cafe too, but mostly we saw it in the evening.

  • Hadi Nili
    Hadi Nili
    6 months ago

    nice beach, peaceful and relaxing environment, but needs a touch on management and maintenance. The restaurant, Liman, has a very poor service that could ruin its amazing view. The dome turn to a natural oven in the early morning and as there's no ventilation other than leaving the door open, you have to choose between annoying flies and getting organically boiled in the sun heat. but if you're an early riser and plan to leave the dome before suns gets up in the sky, that's a perfect place to stay! you can enjoy your privacy while having a fire just in front of your room until dawn. also think through your transportation as the city buses could be driving crazy fast on the road, while there were no empty seats for you and you're standing there and trying to hold your grips! you can take a can for an equivalent of $25/£20 from the Asian side of istanbul. and it's worth it. I'd strongly suggest to the managers to run a shuttle service for a fee and help their costumers and their business at the same time!


    I use to love that place but they never help in any case. If you got block with any issue let will leave in middle of no where. Never provide any assistance. They don’t care about the guests. I had worst experience this time. I had kids with me and lost key of my car. No one helped me , I was on road for 5 hours. Asked them to help they replied we are busy, we don’t have time and no one can help. On top rooms are super comfortable, super hot, they charge you $60 per room with Air-conditioner or fan. It’s like you sleeping sauna room. I swear management super rude and disrespectful. I recommend never go with kids or family.

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