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Camping Alkioni is a seaside campground in Central Greece’s Loutraki region.
They offer a range of camping options, including tent and caravan pitches, as well as rental options, including ready-to-go tents with air mattresses, rentable caravans, and flats.
Every camper, even the most traditional ones who don’t want to lug all their stuff and set it up every time, will find a solution here!
At Camping Alkioni, you can hire a tent that is already set up and completely furnished.
Our 1.75m tall tents accommodate 2-3 people and have inflatable single or double mattresses. Sheets, pillows, and pillow covers are not included.
Each tent has a table and 2-3 seats in the outdoor area.



Google Reviews

274 reviews
    a year ago

    Beautiful Place very organized and clean, plus very nice spots for camping, taverna( restaurant )have different food it was fresh and delicious and the beach bar also kind people and have many of things from ice cream chips coffee you name it ....! The the sea was clean and warm will definitely be back

  • Cerographs
    7 months ago

    Very beautiful location with great views but this place is run by very rude owners. The moment we approached the campsite we were warned twice about our dog cannot enter the beach and the water. Seems like the owner was annoyed when i told my opinion regarding how ridiculous and selfish not allowing dogs into the water during summer heat. After that they asked 30 euros for 2 tents, 2 people and 1 car. We found it a bit pricey and decided to think a little, while exploring the surroundings. In the afternoon we returned deciding to stay, they took my ID and registered us saying that the payment will be made during check out and then they kept my ID. They gave me a copy of a very unclear map which shows the numbers of the lots. The place is huge but there were no signs showing which lots are where. After kept driving around the narrow streets of the campsite for about 15 minutes, asking multiple people, including the owner that we came across while touring we decided to have a dinner at the taverna of the campsite first. After the dinner we saw the owner second time and asked to help us by getting in the car with us and show where to go. He did not accept but just gave the navigation. Finally we found the spot, which was quite small for two tents but we didn’t have the energy to complain and it was already dark to move around back an fourth. There was no electricity, spotted lighting and wifi as well. When we do the check out in the morning we told them that they shouldn’t charge us for 2 tents as they gave us only one spot and already charging for 2 people separately. Besides, they charged for the car but car parks are very limited inside and not even close to the camping spots and the gate was closed when we return after some drinks later the night so we had to park our car outside of the entrance and walk. As soon as the owner heard what we said he got very angry started to blame us that we asked for a place for 1 tent and then put 2 tents, which wasn’t true. His dad was also telling things like “You cannot rent 1 lot and put 10 tents” which was hilarious as their lots are so small and the place is stuffed with so many campers. Meanwhile, the owner was going crazy telling us to pay 24 Euros as if he was doing a favor and just go. Suggesting us to go to the police etc. He was hitting the pos machine and banging around while we waited to pay. We left the place very disappointed, suggesting them to be politer with their customers and open to criticism.

  • Konstantina Bi
    Konstantina Bi
    6 years ago

    I spend a week in Alkioni but would like to have more...It's a great spot but the most important for me is the cleanest environment i have ever seen in a camping and believe me i camp all my life. The owner is very polite man and you can find coffee and food in normal prices. THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH for your hospitality SEE U SOON (Even during winter) :-)

  • Nick Sonidis
    Nick Sonidis
    3 years ago

    The camping is not worth visiting not because of the facilities but the guys that runs it all they care is how to take money from you...

  • Fady T
    Fady T
    4 years ago

    Very nice camping place for family in Schinos and very affordable prices

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