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Bungalow Bungalows 45.00€ - 50.00€

Bungalows Pefki

Pefki, Evia, Greece
  • Sleeps
  • Kitchen
  • Pets
  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • Wi-Fi

Temporarily closed

At Camping Pefki you can enjoy your Greek holidays combining relaxation on the beaches overlooking the Aegean Sea, with the various summer activities in the lush mountainous villages of Evia. Pefki is a seaside village in Evia and there is one of the organized campsites in Evia. Pefki Camping facilities also include a Bungalow which can ideally accommodate 4 people and each bungalow has its own A / C, fridge and balcony. Camping Pefki offers everything you need for a comfortable summer holiday, combined with organized camping facilities equipped with a kitchen, hot shower, refrigerators / freezers and toilets. Also in the area of ​​Camping Pefki there is a mini market.



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316 reviews
  • Amei Binns
    Amei Binns
    a year ago

    Very friendly and helpful management. Nice shady encampments, clean shower blocks and kitchen with fridge. I am sure that a...

  • J.O.
    9 years ago

    Visit in 2014, BIG disappointment !!! Site was empty, except a bunch of savage native low budget Greeks, who was...

  • Tsalaboum
    3 years ago

    Looking for a place to pitch a tent is never an easy thing in the summer in this country, but...

  • Mr. Oreo
    Mr. Oreo
    4 months ago

    Its was a very beautiful place but sadly its closin...

  • fania karagiannis
    fania karagiannis
    5 years ago

    We went there with my husband and baby girl in the middle of August (very high season in Greece!) and...

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