What is the Difference Between a traveler and a Tourist?

What is the Difference Between a Traveler and a Tourist

“The worst thing about being a tourist is having other tourists recognize you as a tourist.” – Russell Baker

Have you ever paused mid-journey and wondered whether you’re a traveler or a tourist? It’s not just semantics; the two experiences can be worlds apart. That is why we put together this blog post—to settle the debate once and for all.


These are the souls that thirst for authentic experiences. Eager to immerse themselves in local cultures, they seek out lesser-known spots and often travel off the beaten track. While breaking away from their daily grind, travelers often choose modest accommodations and means of transport, allowing them to travel as if they were locals. Travelers like to fly economy so that they keep their status as regular citizens.


Identifiable by their cameras and often found in packs, tourists tend to gravitate towards the familiar. While they’re excited about new locales, their interactions with local cultures might be a tad superficial. They’re fans of bustling cities, luxury hotels, and ‘must-see’ attractions.

Spotting the Differences

Tourist vs. traveler, which one are you? Let’s take a look at the differences between travelers and tourists. Remember, neither one is good nor bad. To be one or the other is only a matter of preference.

Blending in with the Locals vs. Standing Out from the Crowd

  • Tourists are often distinguishable by their eye-catching attire, maps, and selfie sticks. They can sometimes appear to be immersed in their tourist experience.
  • Travelers, conversely, strive to adopt local habits, dress codes, and customs, aiming to travel like the locals would.

Taste Buds on Tour

While tourists might hesitate before trying out exotic dishes, preferring their comfort food, travelers jump straight into the culinary adventures. They’re eager to sample local delicacies and dive fork-first into traditional meals.

Tourist vs. Traveler: Sightseeing vs. Soulseeking

  • Tourists primarily gravitate towards famous landmarks. They might not venture much into local interactions or the hidden gems of a city.
  • Travelers, though, seek deeper connections and off-the-beaten track experiences. They’re keen to master a few local phrases, uncover secret spots, and hear the tales only locals can tell.

Dress Code: Comfort vs. Couture

  • Tourists prioritize comfort, sometimes overlooking local dressing customs, which can occasionally lead to cultural faux pas.
  • Travelers, being more attuned to local sensibilities, try to travel like a local would. They seek to strike a balance between comfort, style, and respect for the place they’re in.

Linguistic Adventures: Difference Between a Traveler and a Tourist

  • Tourists, often on a tight schedule, might not invest much in picking up the local lingo, relying on their native language or English.
  • Travelers relish the challenge of communication, diving into the linguistic nuances and often coming away with a smattering of new phrases.

Tourist vs. Traveler: Souvenirs vs. Memories

  • Tourists, due to time constraints, might frequent the typical souvenir shops, grabbing keepsakes without much haggling.
  • Travelers tend to take their time and search for authentic local crafts, engage with artisans, and ensure they get value for their buck.

Guided Journeys vs. Traveling Off the Beaten Track

  • Tourists usually follow well-charted paths, leaning heavily on maps or tour company itineraries.
  • Travelers trust their gut, heeding local advice and letting serendipity lead the way.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, whether you identify more as a traveler or a tourist, whether you prefer to travel like a local or are on a tight schedule and enjoy convenience, we’re sure that your heart skips a beat at the thought of unique outdoor experiences and cozy accommodations amid nature. In that case, Campsaround awaits your booking. Pack your bags and craft your adventure!


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