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Wild Safari Adventures: Tanzania Through Travelers' Eyes

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Luxury Safari In Tanzania

Embark On The Ultimate Tanzania Safari Experience. From The Expansive Serengeti To The Serene Lake Manyara, Indulge In Tanzania's Wildlife And Landscapes In Pure Luxury.

Prices From 962€/Person

2-9 Days

Affordable Safari In Tanzania

Experience Tanzania's mesmerizing safari wonders without bearing the luxury price tag. Dive deep into immersive, enriching adventures that provide both opulence and undeniable value.

Prices From 687€/Person​

2-9 Days

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FAQ about Safari in tanzania

Everything you need to know before your safari in africa-tanzania

How can I get an offer for the Safari, depending on the package I am interested in?

If you want to receive all the information about the Safari trip, you can proceed with the booking request. First you select the type of safari (affordable/luxury), the dates you are interested in and the number of guests (2-6).
Then click on the “Request Booking” button and then add your contact details (Name, phone and email) so that our team can contact you via email and provide you with all the information you need (the program per day, price per person, what is included/excluded , payment method).
Choose from the Affordable or Luxury Safari and live a once in a lifetime experience!

How many days can I book for my Safari trip?

The duration of the safari ranges from 3-9 days, for both Affordable and Luxury option. Keep in mind that your safari trip will start the day after your arrival.

Can I join another group of people so that the total cost is cheaper?

Unfortunately it is not possible to join another group, since our partner in Tanzania collaborates with many different platforms/agencies from all around the world which, makes it very difficult to coordinate and organize it.

Does the price per person changes according to the size of the group?

Yes, the price per person changes. In general, the larger the group, the lower the price. So,
it’s more value for money to book your trip as a larger group.
Please note that the number of the participants cannot be changed once your deposit is paid and your booking is confirmed.

Do the prices change depending on the month/season of the Safari ?

No, the price remains the same regardless of the period you are interested in booking. There may be slight changes in prices from year-to-year.

How should I pay the cost of the Safari? Do I pay the whole amount in prior, or is there a deposit?

Once you get the offer from us, you will notice the total price is divided in two parts: the deposit (which is around 40% of the total amount) , and the remaining amount that you pay directly in cash to our partner in Tanzania. The deposit must be paid in Euros-depending on the Euro/USD exchange rate when you make the transfer.
Please note that you can pay the deposit in two ways:
– Either by bank transfer to a Eurobank account, where you will bear the costs of both banks (in case of retention).
– Either via Viva Wallet (payment link) where a 2% transaction fee is added to the amount of the advance payment.

How long in advance do I need to book my Safari trip to make sure there is availability?

In general, we would suggest you make your reservation 1-2 months before your departure date. This is to ensure that there is availability and that there is enough time to plan your trip properly.

Can I make small changes of the Safari program that the PDF contains?

The tours, attractions and timetable are determined by our partner in Tanzania. All the activities and itineraries are fixed as shown in the PDF files for both Affordable and Luxury and cannot be changed.

How much does the Safari in Tanzania cost?

Once we get from you the booking request of the Safari, with all the information needed (type of package, dates, number of guests, contact details) you will receive an email from our team with total cost of the Safari, per person and also the amount the the deposit that you have to prepay.
Choose from the Affordable or Luxury Safari and live a once in a lifetime experience!

How much time do I have to make the payment of the deposit for the Safari?

After making sure that there is availability on the dates you are interested in, we send you an email with the options of the payment methods the total amount of the deposit. You will then have to proceed with the payment within 5 working days to confirm your booking.

What are the details/information that I need to send you in order to complete the booking of my Safari?

We will need to know in prior the dates and times of your flights, the airport you are flying to and from and whether you have any food allergies or specific food preferences.

Are visas/travel documents and flights included in the price of the Safari packages?

No, the price includes the accommodation, tours and meals. You can see in the PDF of each Safari package the amenities included in the price.
You can see all the amenities and facilities included in the Affordable and the Luxury packages, depending on the number of days you choose.

Can I cancel my confirmed booking for the Safari?

No, unfortunately, your reservation cannot be cancelled and therefore the deposit will not be refunded.

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