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The large camping and glamping area by the Black Sea, which is over 14,000 square meters, is for people who love nature and have a free spirit.
TeePee tents are full of tradition and charm. They stand on their own wooden platforms and are surrounded by green grass. The cone-shaped design, which was inspired by the Amerindians, shows how people have always been connected to nature.
TeePee tents are the setting for a vacation like you’ve never had before in your favorite Western movies.

The Glamping area is a blend of luxury and the outdoors. Here, we offer you an interesting experience: you can stay in your own teepee, which was made just for you, and use the facilities of a stylish hotel.
The Glamping area has a lot of space, which is great for people who love nature and want to experience both the beauty of the wilderness and the comfort of teepee tents.



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158 reviews
  • Robert ZSUGYA
    Robert ZSUGYA
    a year ago

    Well, once again has been proven that we have no identity, we can't keep something which already is working well, as it is.. someone has to ruin it.. In this case the winner is TeePee, which has been built a “party zone” in this wild beach area. This was a place of silence, a place where you can get in touch with mother nature, a place where flora and fauna are protected by low.. I say it was because they make it to disappear. Now you can spend your time like in the most active night street of the capital, with load music.. anyway. The "party" had started Friday and ended Sunday (probably. I had left somewhere around 1 PM and the music was still up and loud), it was literally NON-STOP loud NOISE with high volume of low frequencies (bass) which made all the tents and buildings to fill the “party”... Well, somehow they get a special authorization to destroy the silence and beauty of a wild and protected area, which surprising has some very restricted rules, even regarding the noise volume. It was not my first time visiting this area but unfortunately, for sure it was the last one. GOOD JOB guys, you nailed again (and for the ones which don’t get the irony, this does not means something good). And I see you are replying to those who are giving a bad review regarding your place arguing that nothing being said is true.. well, maybe you should remember that you are in a protected area and there are some specific rules to be followed and what you do is not actually correct, not even politically correct.

  • Gabriela August
    Gabriela August
    a year ago

    Why camp in a camping? For showers and toilets - but there is no case to stay in this camping because the quality is highly poor - expect only cold salty bad smelling water from the dirty showers, it pours brown water, with mud - probably not safe to wash with, not even your teeth…The camping as well overall looks nothing like pictures, it’s like a very small parking lot in a field surrounded by a rented fence. Nearby bars also play very loud music and the bass is very bothersome. What a pollutant place

  • Razvan Stanescu
    Razvan Stanescu
    a year ago

    Extremely beautiful and wild location, completely off grid. Good prices, friendly and well trained staff.I can highly recommend the location and most of all the experience. 5 out of 5

  • Alba Mar
    Alba Mar
    a year ago

    Very nice owners and staff, well equiped camping just in front of the beach

  • Mihai Cioroaba
    Mihai Cioroaba
    a year ago

    Amazing Location, Nice Staff. Thank u guys.

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