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The Pine Side Camp is a great place for tent campers who are on a tight budget. Pine Side Camp is in Himarra and has a garden view, a bar, a shared bathroom, a garden, and places to grill. There is a sun deck at the campsite. Spille, Maracit, and Livadhi beaches are all popular places to visit near Pine Side Camp.



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90 reviews
  • Bernardo Biscaglia
    Bernardo Biscaglia
    6 months ago

    The location is a ten out of ten, plenty of more or less secluded spots either in the shadow or in the sun until dusk. Facility is basic but there’s anything you need, showers and toilets. The host provides tents, chairs, sofas, hammocks, sun-beds. The bar serves very good coffees. The host is the coolest person alive, half way between a buddy and a spiritual guide and he makes extra efforts to make everybody happy. It’s a beach resort for people who don’t like beach resorts.

  • Heike Amann-Störk
    Heike Amann-Störk
    6 months ago

    A beautiful and quiet place with a stunning view of the ocean. We didn't stay overnight but visited during daytime for swimming and relaxing. They serve drinks, there's a staircase right into the turquoise ocean and all the people are super relaxed.

  • Paddy Clarke
    Paddy Clarke
    6 months ago

    A beautiful secluded camping spot with the bare essential facilities you need to get by which are basic. Bring your own tent or pay to rent a tent which comes with a blow up pillow, mattress and a sheet. There’s a bar that sells coffee and beer and a grill to cook food. Only call out is the pressure of the showers and you can hear the music from the bars in the summer season until 12. 10-15 minute walk from grocery shops and the town.

  • Елеонора Ѓорѓиевска

    To arrive at this camp you will most definitely need to follow a map. Once you get to the dirt road leading to the camp there are plenty signs pointing you to the camp site. In front of it there is an old building but behind it is the house of the owner and also the camp. There is free parking there for the car and you don't have to worry about it. The owner is very welcoming. As soon as we arrived he was at the parking and greeted us and showed us around. Showed us where the bathrooms and showers were. Showed us the available camping spots, asked us what is the size of our tent and told us which spots were best. After we looked around and decided to stay he signed us in a book and wrote down how many days we are staying. We paid only 5€ per person with our own tent per night. For that price we had electricity, WiFi, showers(unfortunately cold water only), fridge if we needed to put any perishable food and an access to a "private beach". Since it is on a rock side it is not much of a beach but it has cemented walkway to the ladder that is leading to the water. The water is cristal clear and deep. If you are a free diver or like to look for shells and look at underwater wildlife this is a perfect spot. There is also a bar there where you can get coffee and beer and that can be either paid at the moment or be put on your tab and paid later when you pay for your stay. All in all it was a excellent stay there, with cool people minding their own business, even cooler owner and not far from the city of Himarë.

  • Mehmet
    6 months ago

    Really great spot and kind hosts! You can stay with your own tent or rent a test from the camp side. You can also buy drinks from the bar there or you can go to the city centre (15 minutes by walking). You can drive with your car till the side camp, the streets are ok - so have no worries! You can also park next to the stadium and just walk from there to the camp side (5 minutes). Enjoy your stay there..

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