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The Camping Porto Elea was built in the 18th century and was inhabited by monks from the Zografski Monastery. Today, the old building has been renovated according to the traditional architecture of the Mount Athos peninsula. Now the convent is a cozy bungalow, and we are pleased to invite our guests to enjoy the unique atmosphere.

Rent a bungalow for 4 guests with a private bathroom, air condition, and breakfast in Sithonia, Chalilkidiki.



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  • Vladislav Dimitrov
    Vladislav Dimitrov
    8 months ago

    Extremely disappointing! To begin with, this is not a Greek campsite, it is a camping of only Bulgarians (not the most adequate ones), managed by Bulgarians who have no idea how to treat their customers. The few Greeks who formerly had caravans there must have left with screams of terror and despair. Just a little of everyday life at the camping: rude parents, most often quite drunk and threatening, rude and ill-mannered children who swear with impunity, fight, attack newcomers with astonishing aggression. In general, it is a closed society of people who imagine that the place belongs to them. For days and nights people circulated around our bungalow shouting "go away, leave". The worst part of everything is the attitude of the children - the newcomers are constantly harassed, they are not allowed to play football on the field or to participate in kids games of any sort. The children of our group were targeted with stones in the water, subjected to continuous insults with the ugliest names. With complete impunity, children take pictures of newcomers and post them on snapchat and similar social networks for the sole purpose of mockery and bullying. All this happens in front of parents, staff and management. Being in this place is not only extremely unpleasant, but also dangerous, especially for children who expect to spend their summer vacation carefree. A shocking reality in an otherwise heavenly place. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone. Ever.

  • Claudia Dragulea
    Claudia Dragulea
    6 months ago

    I was looking for Bahia Beach, but I ended up at Porto Elea. The road to this beach is a dirt road, but it is in good condition. Entrance fee is 5€/person, but you can park your car safely. Sun beds are free if you order someting from the beach bar (decaf frappe and a water 4,50 €) . They also have pizza, burgers, sandwiches. The view of the sea is beautiful, the beach is located in a small golf, with mountains on either side. It's a good location for snorkeling, if you are into that.

    7 months ago

    We stayed in Sun Roller/mobile home god for 6 people. There’s 3 small bed rooms, working kitchens and living room. Good for family. We love the small private beach with free sun beds, open gym, children’s playground, bar and easy parking space. If your looking for authentic Greek food you might need to go outside. Expect also a dusty road for going in and out the place that you need to close your car window when another car is in front of you. Would be nice if this road will be cemented by the management. The reception is not open 24 hours. In total we enjoyed our stay here.

  • Elvis Mladin
    Elvis Mladin
    8 months ago

    Very nice camping place for families. Your children will be very safe in this camping, so you can relax at peace. Place is quiet so yo can go early to sleep also. But for the youngsters you can find some fun in beach bar inside the camp. Only issue is internet. Very slow and bad signal from mobile operators, so you must seat in bar to use their internet. Because too many tourists is difficult to book place here. This is not mean that place is overcrowded. No, is not. Place is just fine. If you book here you will enjoy. Around this place you have a lot good restaurants and beaches. So you can go every day on different place.

  • Nadya BAM
    Nadya BAM
    8 months ago

    A pity for the nice landscape and natural merits of this place. The predominant part of the guests are fellow Bulgarians, but the very worst part of them - nouveau riche with zero level of class and zero level of education and normal human behavior. Accordingly, their children are surprisingly rude, ill-mannered, and worst of all, racist towards anyone who speaks or looks different from them. Some of the rich children are encouraged by their parents to behave arrogantly and haughtily with severe racist manifestations. Swearing with the ugliest and most offensive phrases in minor children is considered something completely normal. Drunken parents threatening the guest with physical harm is also considered normal. The staff is left to their own and completely unable to adequately address these issues. In this camping, the (regular) campers live with the belief that the place belongs to them and no one does anything to ensure the comfort and safety of others. A terrible example of a double standard. The camping has gathered the worst layer of the Bulgarian tourists. These trends were felt in the first year, but in just two years, things worsened dramatically. If you want a peaceful and carefree holiday where your children are not subjected to systematic bullying, dangers and racism, stay away from this place.

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