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At Vasilikia Mountain Farm & Retreat you can choose your stay at the unique Cottage Huck. It has been built with local timber and the famous riverstones. The large curved window behind the sofa connects the interior to the exterior of the farm. The niche bed can be isolated through the double curtain, in the living room there is a fireplace but also an attic that resembles a suite that gives a magical atmosphere with special lighting shaped by the lamps and black and white photographs of Alex Slade.

Cottage Huck is divided into two parts and has a capacity of 2 to 4 people. The first is the ground floor, which is 45 sq.m. and there you can relax in the living room, on the comfortable sofa and watch TV. There is also the king size double beds, drawers to place your things and the bathroom. The second space consists of the attic which is 38 sq.m. There is still a living room, another large double bed, extra drawers and a library. If you visit Cottage Huck in winter you can light the fireplace and create a unique atmosphere.

On the terrace of the property there is a beautiful wooden table, wooden benches and seats so you can sit and relax in nature with your friends or family.

*Pets are allowed upon request.



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228 reviews
  • Theodore Athanasopoulos

    Excellent! Friendly and helpful staff. Clean and tidy stay. Pet friendly!!! Great for kids. Tasty breakfast. Amazing scenery and design. Attention to detail on every part of the farm and the cutest and friendly dogs!

    5 months ago

    Absolutely amazing. It’s exactly what we needed for our children to have fun and escape in nature


    I feel grateful for having the chance to live the experience at Vasilikia Mountain Farm & Retreat! The location, the accommodation and the whole atmosphere was beyond the great! Living in the air stream for 2 nights was a dream that came true. Comfortable, spacious and warm, the air stream is a must that everyone must live it. The little wood house which is serving breakfast and drinks at night, is like living in a fairy tale!! Big variety of goodies, local foods and most of all, an amazing and warm atmosphere and decoration! The people there was all very friendly and making you feel like home! The morning view - a shot to remember for a life-. Stavros, the owner of the place, is a great guy, hospitable and very friendly!!! I highly recommend to everyone who wants to live something special and unique !

  • George Anagnostopoulos

    This place is A - wait for it - mazing. Accommodation is great, but the farm also has corners that you will want to explore. Hosts Stavros and Zina have something great going on over there. If you can't find any rooms for the next 20 weekends, it is not by accident.

  • Kostas Nikolaidis
    Kostas Nikolaidis
    2 years ago

    Tex-mex aesthetics in Greek forested mountain surroundings form a unique eclecticism at its best. The owner’s, walking the thin line between upscale hoarding and collecting, take on refined rustic deco, farmhouse ranchy relaxation & top-notch hospitality is unique… every season has special hidden treats to discover in and around the farm and every lodge has its own charm

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