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A country retreat at Canyon Matka was established in 1939. The accommodation at Canyon Matka looks like a large, two-story cabin. Located in the middle of the wilderness, the Canyon Matka country retreat features large windows, traditional furnishings, and a full complement of modern conveniences. Guests can take advantage of the property’s free Wi-Fi and the terrace’s scenic views at no extra cost. In the area, you can find secure parking for free. Each room has a flat-screen television and is decorated with traditional regional fabrics. A complimentary bottle of wine is offered to all guests. The hotel’s restaurant serves both local favorites and some well-known international dishes. In addition, if you need help with laundry or pressing clothes, the staff can arrange that as well. Just 15 kilometers from the Macedonian capital of Skopje, Canyon Matka serves as a hub for a web of natural hiking routes. Guests have the option of paddling down the Treska River or exploring the nearby St. Andrew’s Monastery. The front desk will charge you for using the airport shuttle service. The distance to the airport is approximately 40 kilometers.



Google Reviews

355 reviews
  • Melba Tolentino
    Melba Tolentino
    7 months ago

    The location is perfect, it’s one in nature. Honestly, can’t say anything bad about it even we had to make a detour and go through the tiny road. You can park your car about 400meters away from the hotel or 1km. Those are the only choices. The room is not really clean and even the shower area plus it is soaking wet all over the floor when you showered. The restaurant has friendly staff. The one who assisted us was so friendly. And she gave us 2 bottles of wine as complimentary since we booked two rooms. Food at dinner is not so spectacular. Just a meat with rucola on top (I think). Breakfast is thumbs down for me or maybe I expected more. But I know they will still improve.

  • Daniel “mcfcfox” Fox

    This is probably the most beautiful amazing place iv visited. Hotel is little bit out the way but taxis to Skopje are only between £6 to £10 each way so no to bad but be aware of the illegal taxis in the car park the drivers can be very aggressive the hotel but happily book you legal proper taxis. And the food at the hotel and in Skopje is amazing.

  • Tara O’R
    Tara O’R
    2 months ago

    Room for 2 €50 incl. a bottle of wine and breakfast. The rooms are perfect, they are clean with a tv and large ensuite. The restaurant serves great food, although expensive for Skopje it is still reasonable when compared to other tourist spots in Europe. I ordered the vegetarian breakfast and it came with lots of fresh bread and fruit.

  • Vera Gordon
    Vera Gordon
    2 months ago

    We enjoyed a lunch here with the local fish (trout) that was very fresh. The service was very good. The restaurant is right on the water with great views.

  • Hubert Wągrowski
    Hubert Wągrowski
    7 months ago

    We had short and terrible experience in that restaurant. Some minutes after we sat down by the table one waitress with long black hair came to us and without saying any "Hello", "What do you want" or anything and chewing gum just nodded her head like to her friend. We asked for coffees. She asked "water?" - and knowing that everywhere in Macedonia they give water for free to coffes we said yes" .She came and first of all one coffee was totally not the one we wanted, but okay. We could drink that one too. But also she brought 2 botteled waters. Okay - maybe it was a policy of a restaurant. We kindly asked another waiter to cancel them because of misunderstanding. He said he will ask the waiteress who was servicing us. Then when we wanted to pay she came with very angry face and we asked if we can cancel - she said no, you said "da". And we payed in denars... The waitress gave us change with denars and euro. I don't understand why if we paid in denars. I understand policy of restaurants but at least waiter should be kind working with people. If not maybe it's best time to change work.

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