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Caravans for four people are arranged in a single row on the beach. The luxury rental tents are placed at a distance of 5 meters from them. The tents do not obstruct the view or the beach access.

Caravans at the beach are parked directly on the sand.

They have air conditioning, and there is also a shaded thatched kiosk outside.

At Thalatta Kalamitsi Village Camp, all accommodations are suitable for families with children.

The lodging is delivered in good condition. During your stay, there will be no cleaning service provided.

There is one parking space available near your lodging.



Google Reviews

2,700 reviews
  • Robert Szabo
    Robert Szabo
    3 months ago

    Very organized camp with huge private beach. Good food options. The pool was kinda dirty and the water in the pool was very cloudy. We got the "Luxury beach tent" no.14. The tent is very large, about 5 meter in diameter and 3m height. There were two single mattresses and one double mattress. In front of the tent, there was a bamboo covered patio with table and 4 chairs. The refrigerator was working good however the AC was not usable at all. It was loud as a tractor and after few minutes of work, it would shoot out the breaker. We called maintenance once. They only flipped the breaker and left, however this kept happening every time we turned on the AC. At first we kept flipping the breaker, every few minutes and finally gave up on it. So, don't count on AC, at all. 2 people are included in the rate, but for the child we had to pay extra.

  • Vlastimil Kříž
    Vlastimil Kříž
    2 months ago

    If you have reservation for good space, you have no problem. But if you don't, don't expect space, if you are in luck, you will get bad space next the the football field and you can imagine, how great is that. :) Camp have everything you can need. Shops, restaurants, bar, beautiful beach. Staff is very friendly and helpful. You can grill here. Facilities in better parts of camps are clean, but don't expect toilet paper. :)

  • Reema Masoud
    Reema Masoud
    2 months ago

    The site is beautiful! The staff are very helpful. I would advise not to rent the sea view caravans and consider another type of accommodation on site. The caravans are vey old and not maintained at all. The one we rented had one AC operating, 2 electricity plugs only (not the EU ones), the kitchen is indoors with broken air ventilation. The cost of this type of accommodation is not good value for money.

  • Aga FL
    Aga FL
    2 months ago

    Great place for families and not only:) lot of facilities: supermarket with everything, bars, swimming pool. The pitches between the threes. Beach great but quite noisy - lot of children playing:) in the area, nit far away other beaches more wild. Tavern has medium quality food and coffee nit good. The only thing to be better are the bathrooms and kitchens area - some of them requires renovation - but the staff make cleaning 3 x a day. Very friendly staff.

  • Ljupco Kosev
    Ljupco Kosev
    a month ago

    Nice camp in a beautiful place. The location makes the camp very attractive. The staff is very kind and that makes me very satisfied. The beach is sandy and very large, which provides additional pleasure. At night it is quiet and there is no disturbance from individuals, which allows for a peaceful sleep. Everything I've said so far justifies the price, but the hygiene in the toilet is LOW LEVEL AND NOT GOOD. The taps are distributed in three places and there are about 10 of them, but there is soap at only one tap, so you have to try hard to find it.In the outer part, the lighting does not work, so if you have to go to the toilet yesterday, that is a problem. There is hot water at the taps only in front of the shower cabins, and there is no lighting there in the morning. Which means that there are no conditions for shaving in the morning. In short, the TOILETS DO NOT JUSTIFY THE CAMPING COST. I have been in cheaper campsites with much better toilet facilities.

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