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Campsite 7.10€ - 8.20€

Caravan Pitch at Camping Armenistis

Sarti, Chalkidiki, Greece
  • Sleeps
  • Kitchen
  • Pets
  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • Wi-Fi

Camping in your own tent gives you a sense of independence and simplicity, and it’s a fantastic way to spend your vacation in the great outdoors. Armenistis has earned ample plots for all tents thanks to the campsite’s exceptional amphitheatrical architecture, with abundant shade provided by pine and plane trees and the sea only a few meters away. For many years, Armenistis camping has been a favourite destination for caravan and camper lovers. Armenistis gives numbered, shaded spaces near the deep blue sea, amid a lovely backdrop of pine trees and plane trees, for those who wish to travel with their house… on four wheels. The conveniences provided in each area (electricity, parking, warm water 24 hours a day, drinking water, etc.) will allow you to relax and enjoy your vacation in your caravan!

  • Shade to the entire pitch
  • Electric current up to 880 watts
  • Direct access to sanitary facilities
  • Parking spot
  • Lockers for your luggage
  • Sinks for cleaning your kitchenware
  • Barbecue area
  • Night guard
  • Warm water 24 hours a day
  • Postal services
  • Wi-Fi



  • Caravan

    Maximum 1

    5.50 €
  • Car

    Maximum 1

    5.50 €
  • Motorcycle

    Maximum 1

    3.50 €
  • Electricity

    Maximum 1

    5.00 €
  • Child 0-4 year old

    Maximum 1

  • Child 4-10 year old

    Maximum 2

    4.20 €


Google Reviews

5,630 reviews
  • Mircea Birleanu
    Mircea Birleanu
    a month ago

    This was the second time we went camping, first time in Greece. The location is 6 stars, the water, the...

  • Zana Stojsin
    Zana Stojsin
    a week ago

    Armenistis… short description - rude, non-interested, camp is overrated, overcrowded and filthy. This was our 7th time in Armenistis camp...

  • Gelie Kan
    Gelie Kan
    2 months ago

    The place is really nice. It was full of people with an international ambience, due to the events that it...

  • Nevenka Ivanović
    Nevenka Ivanović
    3 weeks ago

    A large camp with over 10 types of accommodation. It is important to be well informed and know your needs...

  • Plamen Petkov
    Plamen Petkov
    a month ago

    i really love this place it hosted a dance festival while we were there. It has a single restaurant but...

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