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Camping Tirana

Kashar, Tirana, Albania
  • Sleeps
  • Kitchen
  • Pets
  • Toilet
  • Shower

The Hyka family is in charge of running Camping Tirana. The family has worked in tourism for many years in Italy, so they have a lot of experience. In 2008, Bashkim Hyka moved back to Albania. He was proud of his country and wanted to show it off, so he began to organize through Albania. He learned quickly that people who wanted to travel in different ways, like campers, needed a structure, especially in the area around the capital. He chose to start a camping business near Tirana. Placed in the hills around the village of Kashar, which is about 15 km west of Tirana. Camping Tirana is the best place to stay for people who want to visit Albania. It is also the best place to start trips to Tirana and Kruja, which both have a lot of traffic and parking problems. Also, Camping Tirana is only 100 meters from Lake Kusit, where you can swim, fish, or even take a boat ride. The camp has toilets, showers, sinks, electrical hookups, a water supply, a way for water to drain, and wireless internet. Tourist activities: • Making plans for trips to Tirana, the capital, and Kruja, as well as other parts of Albania, if needed. • Bike rental. • Jeep 4×4 trips for those who like to try new things. People in the family have been making tobacco for hundreds of years. We will be happy to tell our guests about the different parts of gathering and making tobacco. This is a great chance to learn about things that are almost extinct. The “vineyards with bayonets” are another unique thing. Yes, you read that right but don’t worry, it’s easy to understand. After he broke off relations with China, dictator Hoxha was sure that other countries would attack, so he built hundreds of thousands of bunkers to protect the country. But he wasn’t satisfied with just the bunkers. He also thought about clearing out a lot of the country to keep the enemy under better control. Large vineyards were built on these cleared areas to supply Raki, which is a distilled grape drink that Albanians love. To protect against attacks by paratroopers, a bayonet was put into each pole that held the wires that guided the plants. We didn’t want to change things because we wanted to honor the past. So was born the “outdoor museum of bayonets.” The “mystery” is solved by this.



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397 reviews
  • Fede Riccadonna
    Fede Riccadonna
    a month ago

    Great location close to Tirana. They also organize taxi drive to visit the city. Very clean and organized.. owners both...

  • David Hewitt
    David Hewitt
    a month ago

    A great campsite close to Tirana and Durres, perfect for when we arrived from the ferry. The friendly owners made...

  • Cati Iancu
    Cati Iancu
    2 months ago

    Superb location, next to a lake where you can swim. The owners are very helpful, you can visit Tirana (30...

  • Uyum Thiem
    Uyum Thiem
    3 months ago

    We stayed in this beautiful family camping for two nights and it was amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Ritta and Mayra (I hope...

  • Beni Pater
    Beni Pater
    3 months ago

    Great camping near Tirana. We even got a welcome drink from the host. Don’t be discuraged by the 1km dirt...

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