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Camping The Cave

Kalampaka, Meteora
  • Guests
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
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A campsite among the hills, but with a welcoming atmosphere. An appropriate pitch, really nice and helpful staff, a magnificent swimming pool beneath the majestic Meteora, and a general sense of serenity.



  • Adult
    7.00 €
  • Child
    5.00 €
  • Small Tent
    5.00 €
  • Large Tent
    6.00 €
  • Caravan
    7.00 €
  • Motorhome
    9.00 €
  • Van
    7.00 €
  • Car
    4.00 €
  • Motorcycle
    3.00 €
  • Electricity
    4.00 €


Google Reviews

53 reviews
  • susanne reinker
    susanne reinker
    2 months ago

    Very calm and green campsite perfectly situated for visiting the monasteries. Beautiful view of the famous rocks.very friendly owners welcoming every new guest with a much apreciated cappuccino freddo.

  • Miha S
    Miha S
    a month ago

    Campsite ok, location is perfect. But i cannot accept how they treat with their dogs. It was almost 40 degrees, dogs without water!

  • Nina Rutjes
    Nina Rutjes
    2 months ago

    Very beautiful setting right next to the mountains. Clean toilets and nice shady spots to park.

  • Alex Chiru
    Alex Chiru
    a year ago

    There is room for improvement. First camping so far where we found toilet paper provided. Unfortunately toilets and showers were dirty, below average of previous campsites. Also the water was burning hot and unusable. The sewers were overflowing. Most places are (visually) not straight. So better come with some planks if you sleep in the car. Yes, we could hear some dogs bark in the evening but a bit further away and for ~10min. The only bonus for me was the pool - I didn't think I needed one, but it was worth it.

  • Cristina Chiru
    Cristina Chiru
    a year ago

    The 1 star goes for the facilités only: toilets, showers, "kitchen". They are absolutely disgusting, deserted, full of spider webs (and spiders) and all sorts of insectcs inside, like they were probably attended in the '80s when they were built following a' 60s project. I read the reviews before I stopped (for one night) at the camp: those who qualify them as "simple" but "clean" and "correct", have questionable hygienic standards, to say it politely. And the parrots, poor creatures, I was close to call animal protection (if I spoke greek), they live in such filthy cages, they have not been cleaned since they were purchased, probably the same time the camping was built. The pool is a nice addition, but seing the above, I would also question its quality.

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