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The campsite is located near the mouth of the Bay of Laganas, on its southernmost point. Over the course of the last ten years, an extra more than 700 trees have been planted on the well-kept plot, which is surrounded by countless olive trees, some of which are old and twisted. Even in the height of summer, there would be plenty of shaded allotments to choose from. Even when we are busy, the numerous little and large terraces, as well as the enormous number of trees and plants, ensure that you always have enough space between you and your camping neighbor.

The land stretches from the bar, which has a beautiful setting, down to a tiny pebble beach, where we remove the remnants of the winter storms each spring. If you are looking for peace and quiet, for listening to the cicadas sing your lullaby at night, for great Greek cuisine, or for simply relaxing your body and mind between virgin olive trees, you have arrived at your destination. In recent years, Anna’s and Veit’s hospitality has become legendary; many of their guests have returned time and time again, even if it is “just” to give their Greek vacation a restful last week’s treat.

Swimming is encouraged on the white pebble beach, which is 60 meters below the tavern. Two jetties and a floating platform, all of which are equipped with a ladder into the water, ensure that swimming delights will be uninterrupted. There are some buoys in the water that can be used to tie up small boats. The tiny island of Marathonissi is around 2.5 kilometers from the beach, and it is visible from both the beach and the tavern’s balcony, making it a popular destination. It is around 10 minutes away from the beach and may be reached by motor boat. Because of the unique circumstances in 2020, they will only be able to work in the evenings. The food at the tavern is excellent and reasonably priced.

There is no such thing as a mini-market! During the early summer, the turtles may be seen swimming in the crystal-clear water from the terrace, which makes for a spectacular sight. You can borrow binoculars from Anna and Veit, who are on hand to assist you. Early risers will find that watching the sun rise over the water and then taking a refreshing swim are the ideal ways to start the day.



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Google Reviews

134 reviews
  • matthew
    6 months ago

    One of nicest organized campings in Greece . The location is on a hill that descends into the sea, there are many nice options to pitch your tent (or park your camper) and walk just a min or two to jump into the water. The owners were incredibly nice and accommodating. It's hilarious that some people have complained about the poor service. This is a campground, not a 5 star hotel. The taverna is excellent but you will wait a long time, enjoy some drinks and conversation meanwhile. The facilities are clean and there is running water and electricity throughout the camping. The guests were mostly families from Austria and Germany, which might not be for everyone. And lots of campers from northern Europe that, for me, disrupt the views and the feeling of being in nature, but unfortunately you'll find that at organized campings all over Greece these days.

  • gummihaha
    7 months ago

    Lovely place. Clean toilets and fresh cuisine. You have enough space for your vehicle and/or tent and the sea view and beach are amazing. Only thing: the camp is build at a hill so you need to walk all the way up or down, but its still worth it.

  • Mike Sp
    Mike Sp
    9 months ago

    Nice camping area. Very relaxed zone. Lots of spaces. The facility is clean. The dinner and the beach was my personal highlight. The food is delicious and extremely cheap :). The beach is available directly in front with a peer. The water and the beach is clean. We have seen turtles on the sea from the place where we have stayed. Totally cool Due to the very aligned area, the not so cleaned up places where you can stay and the naked old people rooming around I give for instead of 5 stars ;)

  • Cyriac D
    Cyriac D
    7 months ago

    Best campsite of Zante! The staff is so sympathic and we recommend the taverna. The beach is sumptious and five minutes walk away.

  • stylianos panagiotopoulos

    We had an amazing experience through out our stay at "Tartaruga" . The environment was well organized and perfectly paired with the in many spot places you have the feeling of free camping . Full of olive trees with good shade. The gentle breeze winds just more than cool down more after evening hours due to elevation of the facility. Price were reasonable and food like home.we notice people stay there to be from all age groups. Peaceful and quiet . Toilets and bathrooms were clean.Honestly recommended.Distance for those looking to visit other villages,areas etc acceptable, with basic needs stores like bakery on the road towards city center.

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