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CAMPING ROCKS is located 700 meters away on a road connecting the central port with Marpounta, on the left-hand side of the harbor, and is accessible by car.

In the surrounding area of Camping Rocks, there is a beautiful pine tree forest. Swimming and a breathtaking view of the sea are available to campers only 60 meters away from the site.

In addition to the camping area, there is a snack bar, a cafe, and a grocery shop on the premises. Reasonably priced accommodations in a welcoming environment make for the best vacation ever!



  • Adult
    8.00 €
  • Child (4-10yrs)
    5.00 €
  • Tent of a person
    5.00 €
  • Tent of two person
    7.00 €
  • Large Tent
    10.00 €
  • Car
    2.00 €
  • Motorcycle
    2.00 €


Google Reviews

111 reviews
  • Nikola Jurczková
    Nikola Jurczková
    a month ago

    Great campsite! The campsite was well equipped and had everything you need. The staff was very nice!! The restaurant was great, they serve excellent food! Prices very reasonable. They even have a private beach. Highly recommended! :)

  • Ioanna Kranioti
    Ioanna Kranioti
    a week ago

    No toilet paper, no soap, no internet signal, water costs 1€ (small bottle ) which is illegal. Plus charges for the parking (2€ per day for a parking that don't even exist cause because of the people there wasn't enough space to park for all). Well it seems that you actually pay just the land! Don't support camping businesses like this one.

  • Panagiotis MaroulIdis

    Nice place with lots of trees and shade. Clean baths and toilets. Managed by a nice and friendly guy (the young one). There was no light at all at night anywhere in the camping (besides the reception). It is a very simple camping site in general. 22 euros for two people a tent and a car (you cannot park anywhere near the camping) are too much for what it has to offer. If it will be managed in a good way it can be a very pleasant camping.

  • Mr. Sadist
    Mr. Sadist
    3 years ago

    Be WARNED about this guy, the camping's owner! Attempt to cooperatte with him after considering this information. And AT YOUR OWN RISK! Year after year, a job advertisment on the Internet is published. It is written there that a cleaning person is needed for camping on the Greek Alonissos island (Sporades). Duration: from the end of April until the end of September. The camping can be easily found on the Internet. It is pretty, located in a nice pine forest, near the sea. In the pictures you can see tents and smiling, satisfied persons. There is a lot of positive reviews, both of the foreign tourists and the local guides. During a telephone call, the owner assures the interested one that he does have a job and encourages to visiting his island. He promises accomodation in a studio and a high salary. His command of English is miserable, and yet, during conversations with him there is an impression of authentic contact and understanding. Which is not the case, unfortunately. If you take his advertisment and his awkward talk seriously, and if, lured with the guy's promises, you agree to clean the camping for him, the guy starts to insistently demand information concerning the purchase of tickets for the trip and conformation that the you are really going to go to Alonissos. He also asks to call him "when you already sit in the plane". It is possible that somebody at some point did manage to work at this camping. However, everyone, or nearly everyone, who decides to arrive in spring is more than likely to hear that "the tourists are not yet here", and that "the high season begins in july-august". June, more than a month after the job was to begin in the end of April, and the camping is still perfectly uninhabited. What's worse, "a woman from Athens", who arrived after you made arrangements with the camping owner, has already do some cleaning and prepared the camping before the new sezon, so now there is completely nothing to do. Exchanging e-mails and asking questions on the phone is useless. Attempts to establish certain facts while one's outside Greece and away from Alonissos island prove all in vain. The owner is lying because he wants somebody to arrive at Alonissos. To stay with him. If a single lady appears and the tourists are absent, the owner proposes staying in his own house. And he is a single guy living alone. Looking for a wife, or what? He is consistenly lying and trying to persuade the person who believed him to wait until the tourists arrive. Which could happen any moment, of course. It was not yet established whether or not he pays his workers for the mentioned waiting or for the actual work days only. Just as it is not known for more or less how many days a seazon he has any tourists at his camping. And so on. It is not confirmed what are his salary paying behaviours. Whether anybody has ever received the sum he is promising or not. Infantile lies instead of reliable information concerning the actual opportunity of performing tasks he could pay for are not a good sign. Let it be mentioned here that getting to the Alonissos island is not exactly the easiest. At least not from Western or Central Europe. Plane tickets to Skiathos, a nearby island, where you can take a ferry to Alonissos, are typically rather expensive. A trip from Athens is less expensive. A trip from Thessaloniki not that unexpesive but still bearable. But it can take even 3 days and cost some 100 euro. Meals, water and a night at a hotel not included. A long way to go. A lot of money to spend. Salary uncertain.

  • Kaitlyn Waters
    Kaitlyn Waters
    a year ago

    Beautiful seascape with coves and rocks for star-gazing. Reliable, clean facility with an amazing atmosphere! Great for families & groups as well as couples.

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