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On Thassos Island’s southern shore, adjacent to Pefkari Cape and two magnificent beaches, our camp is nestled in a tranquil setting. Since 1979, the campsite, which is located on 17 acres of land surrounded by olive trees and pine trees, has been a popular destination for people from all over the world. Whoever comes here will have a one-of-a-kind and rewarding experience because of the breathtaking natural surroundings, excellent cleanliness, and the friendliest of service. We guarantee that once you have experienced what we have to offer, you will want to come back again and again.

The Family Camping Pitch is either for tents or caravans with max of 5 people.
Includes electric power and free wifi.
Every pitch can accept no more than 2 tents.

*The main entrance is closed for cars after 23:00.



  • Family Pitch (Νο more than 2 tents on a pitch)

    Maximum 5

    22.00 €


Google Reviews

381 reviews
  • Helena Vanderveken
    Helena Vanderveken
    3 months ago

    3rd-4th week of May 2022, campervan, 2 adults and a kid. Best camping on thasos by far!!! We tried all 4 indicated camping on the island, 1 was abandoned (Dedalos), 1 is closed until 7th of June (state camping near dedalos), 1 was okish (Golden Beach) sweet owner but a more like a big parking and a camper cemetery. This one has nice, helpfull, welcoming people, clean bathrooms with warm showers and a green all around atmosphere! Also offers bbq area, dishwashing, clothes washers, the works.. Highly recommended! Enjoyed it to the absolute fullest to stay here. Beach with pebbles so some water shoes are a big help. And the people at the Oasis bar on the beach were very nice too and serve good food.

  • wewe
    2 months ago

    HORRIBLE, I DO NOT RECOMMEND. the man at the barrier will take you to the platinum area (closest to the sea) where it costs $ 50 a single night, be careful in which area you park. The electricity does not work, niether the hot water from the shower. Wifi has no signal in the camping area. The beach is dirty, and there is full of sea urchins at the bottom. The toys and slides in the playground are in very bad condition and unsafe.

  • Beni Ciurchea
    Beni Ciurchea
    a month ago

    Nice camping, decent facilities, politicaly themed but in a good way, has some nice vip plots, and also plots at verry reasonable price for long stays… beach is not crowded, but wather is deep fast so not really for kids… but beach next to it is sand and not deep.. Good place for snorkeling as it has good rocks in the water. Also nice beach bar near.. good food and deserts for decent price.

  • George Karkalemis
    George Karkalemis
    a month ago

    At the historic camp tour you will see. 1. The Civil Rights Actism Wall and EYP wall 2. The rock caravan and the story of Greek General Alevromagiros in Cyprus war of 1974. 3. The story of the Pefkari cape 4. The fountain 5. View of mount Athos, Pefkari Cape, View of Potos village and port 6. The little check point Charly KGB and CIA caravans 7. Wolfsburg Volkswagen plant house 🏡 and Thassos white Marble, the art of sculpturer Kostas Lovolos and Herr Savvas, BND home. 8. Local trees plants. Wallnut, Fig, Rosemary, a tree Germans call it Strawberry 🍓 tree. 9 The well of Greek Member of parliament Vasilis Vasilikos. His books and the book that became a movie by Costas Gavras about the assassination of Member of Parliament Grigoris Lambrakis 1963 by the Greek deep state. Thanks to a traffic policeman and a citizen today we know that Grigoris death, it was not a traffic accident as the official report was. Lambrakis was assassinated. 10 The wall of art. Artists at our little Berlin wall. 11. Photos of old Krupp factory in Limenaria and samples of iron metal. 12. The Rousfet Diorism Bridge Connecting East and West. A file of attacks of the Greek deep state. 13. The poem Then out spake brave Horatius, The Captain of the gate: ‘To every man upon this earth Death cometh soon or late. And how can man die better Than facing fearful odds, For the ashes of his fathers, And the temples of his Gods,

  • Aleksandar Golchev
    Aleksandar Golchev
    3 weeks ago

    Expensive. 32€ for motorcycle, tent with one person. For that money i rent apartment.

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