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Camping Mykonos

Paraga, Mykonos
  • Guests
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
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  • Pets
    Not Allowed

Located in the same location as Mykonos Camping, our guests will enjoy an unrestricted view of the sea from our pool bars and restaurant. We provide a variety of accommodations to suit your budget and mood, including private rooms, shared dorms, and camping holidays.

We vary from other city hostels in that we are placed directly above Paraga’s beach and sparkling waves in the Paraga peninsula, allowing you to relax or party while taking in one of Mykonos’ most stunning vistas.



  • Adult
    7.00 €
  • Child
    5.00 €
  • Small Tent
    5.00 €
  • Large Tent
    6.00 €
  • Caravan
    7.00 €
  • Motorhome
    9.00 €
  • Van
    7.00 €
  • Car
    4.00 €
  • Motorcycle
    3.00 €
  • Electricity
    4.00 €


Google Reviews

544 reviews
  • Stuart Martin
    Stuart Martin
    2 weeks ago

    Got bedbugs, staff only cared about getting money out of your pocket. Literally the worse place I ever stayed. They seem to change their name to avoid bad reviews.

  • Kyle A. Klopfenstein

    Paraga is a beautiful, drop dead gorgeous location with a pool and just good enough lodging. If you are looking for a resort this is one on the cheaper side. But for travelers like me who like the social aspect of Hostels, you should know that THIS IS NOT A HOSTEL. It is a resort. Actually, it reminds me far more of summer camp as a kid than it reminds me of a Hostel. Now, the location and staff are nice. In fact I had a very pleasant stay, but some of us are looking for that social aspect if we are traveling alone. So for singles, I wouldn't recommend it. For couples or more, have fun! *also, there is a bus to the city center which is nice*

  • Nico Basso
    Nico Basso
    6 months ago

    Ugly place and attention. I made a reservation for 150 EUR in March 2020, then the pandemic situation started and i couldn’t get to Paraga, and the money was never paid to me again. They are ugly people

  • Jair Silva Vásconez

    Enjoyed the summer there, if you are looking for party, relax, eat good meals, meet friendly people from all around the world, this is the place to go, super recommended! Room are not bad, anyway you are going to use them only to sleep, bathrooms are cleaned during the whole day, so they are clean most of the time, you have a bus very useful from the airport to the hostel and also to the town.

  • LUCAS Sauerschnig
    LUCAS Sauerschnig
    a year ago

    Really nice hostel if you like partying and meeting new people! There are a few points that can be improved however, bring an extention cable because there is only 1 plug per room and if you want the fan on during the night youll need it. Also prepare to be very warm in the morning but for the money this can be expected. Showers are clean but if you put food in the community fridge big chance it gets stolen, there are also no kitchens but a great mini market with the friendliest lady ever!! Overall super worth it!

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