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Sifnos is one of the Cyclades’ most picturesque islands. White buildings, lovely and traditional villages. People with kind hearts, great cuisine and a plethora of pathways, churches, and monasteries strewn throughout the island. In Kamares you will find Makis Camping.

A tiny, tidy area with trees, flowers, and pole roofs. It’s 600 meters behind the beach and 600 meters from the harbor. It will take you around 5 to 6 minutes to get there. Only 50 meters away from the beach.

The campsite is more suited to individuals seeking tranquil and restful vacations in a welcoming setting, and the hours of general quietness from 12 a.m. to 8 a.m. are rigorously observed and adhered to. Buses pass often by the campsite, allowing campers to have a better understanding of the island’s various locations.

In addition, from here, some of the most picturesque pathways on Sifnos may be found.



  • Adult
    9.00 €
  • Child 5-10 year
    5.00 €
  • Pitch for Small Tent
    4.00 €
  • Pitch for Large Tent
    8.00 €
  • Caravan
    7.00 €
  • Motorhome
    9.00 €
  • Van
    7.00 €
  • Car
    4.00 €
  • Motorcycle
    3.00 €
  • Electricity
    4.00 €


Google Reviews

482 reviews
  • Amalia Zoi
    Amalia Zoi
    6 months ago

    Very clean, really affordable and there were plugs almost everywhere. The staff was really helpful and polite. It was very calm and you could easily relax. Great location, great experience. Although I visited in August and it was a bit too crowded, everything was perfect!

  • Andjela Milinkovic
    Andjela Milinkovic
    8 months ago

    My partner and I stayed here in the summer 2021 :) sorry for the late review :D But since I am giving a review to another camp I stayed in in Greece this year, I remember this one and felt that I need to give it 5 stars :) We had an amazing time in this camp, definitely one of the best camps so far in Greece (and we stayed in couple). What I like the most is that it is peaceful and clean, no noise, extremely close to the gorgeous beach (Kamares

  • Antonis Prodromou
    Antonis Prodromou
    7 months ago

    Despite visiting at the busiest time of the season (mid-August), I was left with the best of impressions. The toilets and showers are super clean, as the cleaning staff is on duty during rush hours, washing up after each person! Upon arrival, you are given a set of rules, which seems to be effective as people were respectful of others, with no disturbances at night. The staff at the cafe and restaurant are also friendly, and the prices are reasonable - you don't get the feeling of a rip off. Shade is good enough to allow for sleep till 10-10.30. Overall, this is the cleanest camping I have ever been to. Well done 👍

  • Francesco Pontiggia
    Francesco Pontiggia
    8 months ago

    Best camping I've ever been. Very kind stuff, they gave us for free many facilities, a table with two chairs, electric pump. Recommended if you are coming to Greece by airplane and cannot bring with you all the usual equipment. Toilets are cleaner than the bathroom at my house. Bonus point: excellent croissant with banana and chocolate.

  • Sofia Kotsikou
    Sofia Kotsikou
    7 months ago

    Lovely small camping site, very well taken cared of. Very polite and helpful people. Lots of shadows, well located, very clean, very good facilitated. Loved the humours signs surely recommended.

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